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Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Luzhai county is situated in the middle of Guangxi with total area being 3003 square kilometers, and has a jurisdiction of 5 townships and 4 towns, the total population is 413.2 thousand, among which are mainly the nationalities of Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yiao, Hui and others. It constantly has the title of”treasure land in middle of Guangxi”.

Luzhai has prominent geological superiority and convenient traffic. It is situated in the hinterland of Guangxi, strangles the hub of the traffic between north and south. The county town is 260 kilometers from the provincial capital–Nanning city, 115 kilometers from the famous international tourism city – Guilin, 33 kilometers from the central industrial city of Guangxi – Liuzhou city, 120 kilometers from the Liangjiang airport of Guilin to the north, and 45 kilometers from Bailian airport of Liuzhou to the south.There are natioanl and provincial highways of Gui-Hai highway, Yang-Lu highway, and Ping-Lu secondary road, and the Xiang-Gui railway runs through the total territority; the 2 ports operation areas of Jiangkou and Daojiang proposed to be constructed have 23 births of 2000 tonnages, which is linked to Pearl River by waterway and can access to Wuzhou, Guangzhou and Hongkong directly.

Luzhai has long history and rich resources, the county chronicle evolution can be traced back to Qin and Han dynasty, it has long history and splendid civilization. Through years of cultivation, it has formed a group of pillar industries of chemistry, sugar production, paper manufacturing, metallurgy, foundry, mulberry and silkworm and others.The nature as extroadinary as done by spirit and devine together with the deligent and intellegent Luzhai people have drawn a picture of mountains and water of grace and spirit and the human landscape.There is national 4A scinic spot – Aromatic Bridge Karst national geological park, millenium ancient town – Zhongdu, national 3A scinic spot–Moon Island Lake leisure resort area, estuary and mountain bifurcation bay leisure resort mountain village, Yellow Crown Ancient Appreciation river floating scinic spot, Lagou virgin forest and others, the catering culture enjoys the reputation all around Guangxi. “Travel in Yangshuo to the east, visit Aromatic Bridge to the west” is becoming the new bright point of tourism.

Luzhai has outstanding people and lush fields with abundant vitality and is endowed the bearing of “secondary central city of Liuzhou” and has become the main direction and new space for the expansion to the east of Liuzhou city. Its society and economy are gradually integrated into unification development arrangement of Liuzhou. It used to be granted the glorious titles of 10 top mulberry and silkworm production base county, Guangxi police enhanced by science and technology demonstration county, 10 top economy development county in autonomous region, national sanitary county town, national advanced culture town and others.

Luzhai is now striding vigorously to fully implement six key strategies of “strengthening the county by industry, forging the county by urban construction, stablizing the county by agriculture, thriving the county by tourism, flourishing the county by culture, activating the county by commercial logistics”and promote the new mode of industrialization, characteristic urbanization, and agriculture modernization to depth, with acceleration of ecomony development mode transformation as main line, ensuring and ameliorating the livelihood as basic foundation, and sticks close to the general development thought of “stimulating by project, breaking through on critical points, developing in all aspects, enriching people and strengthening county”. It coordinately plans and implements the twelfth 5-year planning outline, seizes the strategic opportunity of Liuzhou “makingupgrading and transformation to strengthen and expand the city”, expedites to integrate into the unification development pattern, consolidates and forges the urban integration development foundation within Liuzhou territory, promotes the smooth and rapid development of economy and society, and speeds up to construct the Luzhai county into important sector bearing the Liuzhou large economy circleandsociety development, as well as the east gate embodying Liuzhou industrialization and urban construction level. It will be forged into county with most vitality in Liuzhou and endeavour to construct the strong economy county within Guangxi territory and creat a new situation in which the people will be enriched and the county will be strengthened.