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Luzhai County Food and Drug Administration

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main duties

(1) Execute and implement the supervision laws and regulations on food safety of food and beverage service, health food, cosmetics, drugs and medical apparatus and instruments; participate and draft relevant normative documents, work plan and supervise the implementation.

(2)Responsible for licensing of catering services and catering services food safety supervision and management, responsible for the central kitchen and dessert station food safety supervision and management, supervise the catering services food safety management implementation, carry out catering services food safety survey and monitoring work, publish information related with catering services food safety management.

(3)Responsible for the supervision and management of health food and cosmetics hygienic licenses; assume responsibility for health food and cosmetics related supervision management.

(4) Responsible for medicines, medical apparatus and instruments of administrative supervision and technical supervision, supervise the implementation of medicines and medical equipment development, production, circulation, quality values management standard.

(5) Supervise the implementation of the national drugs and medical appliance standards and organize and carry out the adverse drug reactions and medical device adverse event monitoring; cooperate with related departments to implement the national basic drugs system, which include implementation of prescription and non-prescription drugs classification management system. Responsible for medical device registration and supervision management, meantime, monitor retail enterprises according to law.

(6) Implement the traditional Chinese medicine, the national drug supervision management and protection of traditional Chinese medicine type; supervise the implementation of Chinese herbal medicine production quality management norms and TCM decoction pieces processing specification

(7) Supervise the quality and safety of drugs and medical appliance, radioactive drugs, narcotic drugs, toxic drugs and psychotropic drugs, drug class special medicines such as precursor chemicals (hereinafter referred to as the special drugs), and publish safety information about the quality of drugs and medical appliance

(8) Organize and punish the catering services food safety and medicine, medical devices, health food, cosmetics etc., development, production, circulation, use of illegal activities.

(9) Assist the implementation of licensed pharmacist qualification examination; Assist the superior first trial work about the registration of licensed pharmacist

(10) To do a good job for the county emergency food and drug administration, auditing and information construction work


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