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Luzhai County Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Construction

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main responsibilities:

(I) Implement the national guideline, policy and laws and regulations of town and country planning, engineering construction, building industry, real estate industry, survey and design consulting industry and municipal utilities. Be entrusted to draft the endemic control measures and normative documents about county-wide housing and urban and rural construction by the county people’s government, prepare and organize and implement the related development strategy, medium-term and long-term plans, conduct the industrial management, participate in prophase supervisory work of county-wide construction project.

(II)participate in setting up the project ,demonstrating, budget estimation and inspection and other work of key construction projects built in the county by State and the autonomous region; take charge of preliminary design and construction management of the county key construction projects.
(III) Guide the county building activities and standardize the construction market, guide and supervise the access of the construction; Be Responsible for the supervision and law enforcement of the tendering activities of installation project and municipal administration engineering project  of the construction of all classes of building construction and ancillary facilities and its attached circuit, pipeline and equipment. Supervise the supervision responsibility in the construction supervision and architectural engineering law enforcement, undertake the regulatory responsibility of constructional engineering quality and construction safety, take charge of organization or participation of the investigation of the project major quality and safety accidents; work out and supervise and execute the regulatory regime of the prospective design, construction, construction control and related social intermediary bodies. certificate issuing be responsible for the examination and approval and certificate issuing ; take charge of the qualification and report for approval for project prospective design units, building enterprises, architectural ornament decoration enterprises, construction project supervision units, project tendering consulting agent , engineering cost consultation and inspection units of engineering quality; supervise and guide the implementation of the all classes of engineering construction standard.
(IV) Be responsible for the county-wide the implementation of the urban and rural construction development program, urban exploration and municipal engineering surveying work; take charge of the verification and report for approval of the county-wide urban system planning, and county town overall planning; take charge of the site selection of the main construction project and verification of the planning of the land used for building and construction project programming within the city planning area; Participate in the review of overall planning of land uses ; guide the landscaping work in the county-wide scenic spots and urban planning areas; participate in the inspection and report for approval and protection and supervision of the  national level, autonomous region level and county-level; Be responsible for the inspection and report for approval review and approval and protection supervision of the county-wide historical and cultural city (including street, district, town and village).

(V) guide the work of the county’s management of urban construction and town comprehensive reform pilot work; take charge of the industrial management  such as water supply, water conservation, drainage (draining water-logged ), fuel gas, urban facilities , sewage disposal , townscape environmental sanitation, landscaping of the county-wide cities and towns ; guide the comprehensive ecological improvement and urban city appearance; participate in the inspection of  land use planning and urban environmental planning.

(VI) be responsible for the preparation, verification and report for approval of the county market town and village planning,, guide the implementation, construction and pilot work of the county’s market towns and villages, propel the development of the market town and village construction reform; guide the rural reconstruction and The reform of the rural dangerous houses, participate in guiding the work of rural Earthquake fortification.
(VII) Be responsible for managing the real estate industry, control the housing reform, property rights and property register, real estate industry; take charge of the management of the property development, assignment, lease, mortgage appraisal , housing demolition, dilapidated house appraisal, termite control, building maintenance, guide and standardize the county-wide real estate market.
(VIII) Take charge of the management of the anti-knock, preliminary design review, construction drawing review of the construction project; take charge of the review and approval of prize of excellent engineering survey and design project at prefecture level or above; guide the development and utilization of the underground space of the cities.
(IX) Be responsible for the science and technology management of county’s construction, formulate the science and technology development program of the county’s construction system, guide the Development of New Technology and New Products and accelerated acceptance and technical reconstruction; take charge of  the management of the building energy conservation, labor insurance of the building and installation project; take charge of the supervisory management of developing the new wall materials in the region (concrete responsibility shall be implemented by its subsidiary walling material administrative organization).

(X) Be responsible for implementing and realizing the policies related to housing security  promulgated by  state, autonomous region and city, complete the capital arrangement of the  indemnificatory housing capital arrangement of centre and autonomous region and organize and implement jointly with other organizations concerned. Be responsible for the preparation and supervision of implementation of the county-wide development plans of housing security and annual plan. Bear the responsibility of guaranteeing the housing of low-income urban family. Implementation of the national, autonomous regional, municipal guideline, policies and measures related to housing policy reform, guide the county-wide urban housing system reform; develop the enforcement measure about housing fund and other housing reform policy, guide and supervise the implementation.

(XI) Carry out the national and regional principles, policies, laws and regulations about people’s air defense. Research and formulate the specific regulations and measures of the medium and long-term development planning about county-wide construction of people’s air defense; take charge of the organization and implementation and supervision of the laws and regulations such as Civil Air Defense Law of the PRC.
(XII) Formulate the personnel training planning of the county-wide construction system, guide and control the training and further education for the employee forces formulation of the county building personnel training in the construction system.

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