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Luzhai County Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main responsibilities:

(I)Undertake the routine work of the County Office of Safety Production Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Safety Committee office). Specific responsibilities include: research and put forward the suggestion of Luzhai county ‘s carry out the important policy measure of safe production; guide and coordinate the safe production work  of the related departments and  township (town) people’s government; organize the county’s major inspection of major safe production inspections and special inspection; participate in the research of the related department’s work involved in the safe production in  industrial policy, capital investment, technological progress; investigate and dispose county-wide safe production accident and  handle closing work according to administration authority; supervise the accident investigation and the implementation of responsibility investigation; organize and coordinate the emergency rescue work of the major Extra Serious Accident; guide and coordinate the county’s administrative enforcement of l safe production, undertake the meeting and key activities held by safety board, supervise and Urge the implementation of the resolution by the county safety board, undertake the other matters assigned by the safety board.

(II) Integrated management of the county’s safe production work. be entrusted to draft the county’s rules and regulations on safe production; research and develop the county-wide measures of safe production work, Factory、comprehensive safe production programme of mine and trade Enterprise, organize and implement the endemic safe production standard.

(III) Exercise the comprehensive supervision  authority of county-wide safe production, guide, coordinate and supervise the supervisory management of the safe production of related departments; formulate the county-wide safe production planning ; analyze and forecast the county-wide safe production situation regularly, research, coordinate and resolve the major issues in the safe production.

(IV) Be responsible for release the county safe production information, manage integratedly the county’s safety and security casualties and analytical tasks of safe production administrative enforcement of law; Assist the autonomous region and municipal bureau to investigate and dispose the heavy accident within area of jurisdiction, organize, command and coordinate the emergency rescue work of safe production.  Be responsible for comprehensive management of the safe production work of hazardous chemicals and fireworks.

(V) Direct and coordinate the examination work of the county-wide safe production;  supervise and manage the inspection and safety evaluation about safe production condition and concerned equipment(except for special equipment)of factory, mine and trade enterprises, as well as intelligence supervisory work of social intermediary agency in safe production.

(VI) Organize and guide the work of the county’s public education of safe production, guide and supervise the safety qualification test work of key personnel in charge, administrator of safety manufacturing supervision; organize, guide and supervise the operating qualification test and certificate issuing work of operating personnel (except special equipment operator); supervise and investigate the safe production and occupational health safety training work of production and units in operation like factory、mine and trade enterprises.

(VII) Be responsible for the supervision and administration of safe production of factory、mine and trade enterprise, supervise and inspect the implementation of the safe production law and safety supervisory work of safe production condition and concerned equipment (except for special equipment), materials, labor protection supplies

(VIII) Supervise and inspect the safety device for the newly built, renovated or expanded  engineering projects, simultaneous design and simultaneous construction, simultaneous Production of occupational health safety devices construction and main construction; supervise and inspect investigation and governance work of the occupational health of the operational field, substantial risk source monitoring and heavy accident hidden from view in the production units in operations ;investigate and prosecute the production and management unit without safe production conditions.

(IX) Be responsible for the safe production access conditions and occupational health safety verification work of the county’s non-coal mining enterprises and dangerous chemicals, fireworks production enterprises , implement the license system of safe production and occupational health safety. Work out the science and technology planning of safe production, organize and guide technical extension work of safe production; organize and carry out the exchanges and cooperation in production safety.

(X) Help to organize and implement the practice qualification system of the registered safety engineer, and registered safety director;


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