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Luzhai County Bureau of Ethnic Affairs

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main responsibilities:

(I) Implement the guideline and policy about ethnic group work by CPC Central Committee, State Council and the Autonomous Region, organize and carry out the investigation and study of major issues of   national theory, ethnic policy and ethnic work, put forth the policy advice of ethnic work.

(II) Responsible for coordinating the promotion of committee members of Luzhai county ethnic work and other related departments fulfilling the  related responsibility of ethnic work, promote the ethnic policy’s implementation and engagement in the related field of economic development and social undertaking, conduct the operational guidance over ethnic work of each Unit of township and directly under county.

(III) Take charge of supervision and inspection of the implementation of the ethnic policy and law, protecting the legitimate interests of minorities. Manage the preliminary trial of the appraisal and change of ethnic identification and Ethnic composition.
(IV) Research and put forward the suggestion of coordinating the ethnic relations, coordinate and dispose the major items of ethnic relations, participate in coordination of social stability in multi-national area.

(V) Responsible for developing the specialized planning  of minority cause, supervise and inspect the implementation of planning, participate in working out the development program in the area of national minority and multi-national area, promote the establishment and perfection of the comprehensive evaluation and monitoring scheme of the national minority career development, propel the implementation of the informatization construction of nationalities affairs services structure and management of nationalities affairs.

(Vi) Research and analysis the issues about economic development and the social undertaking in the area of national minority and multi-national area, cooperate the undertaking of the matters concerned with aiding the poor in multi-national area. Organize and coordinate the policy’s implementation such as technological progress, suitable support, economic and technical cooperation’s, minority nationality trade and the production of ethnic group special procurement.
(Vii) Cooperate jointly with relevant departments to manage the operational funding of national minority, development finance of national minority as well as the supervision and management of special funds of the minority area.

(VIII) Responsible for guiding the organizing and guiding the publicity and education of the ethnic policy, ethnic laws and regulations, ethnic group elementary knowledge, undertake the  work of the national education policy, national laws, regulations and national basic knowledge of Recognition event of the county national unity.

(IX) Under the overall guidance of the education department, research the development issues of national education reform and put forward the policy-type suggestion, help to resolve the special problems of national education, cooperate the department responsible for the educational work with undertaking the education aid of multi-national area and national education support . Study the special problem of many aspects such as national culture, art, hygiene, physical culture, publication and put forward policy-type suggestion, undertake theatrical festival of the county national minority and the county’s traditional Sports Meet of national minorities. Guide the publication of the ethnic book and the collection, arrangement and publishing of the national ancient literature.

(X) Participate in working out construction program of talent procession of national minorities, contact minority nationality cadres, help the related departments to complete the work of cultivation, education and usage of national minority cadres.

(XI) Responsible for organizing and welcoming the national minority to learn, visit, study and other matters. Organize and carry out the exchanges and cooperation of ethnic aspects, handling the matters concerning foreign affairs relating to minorities.

(XII) Responsible for managing the language work bureau of the County national minority.


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