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Luzhai County Development and Reform Bureau

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main responsibilities:

(I)The implementation the guideline and policy of national, autonomous economic and social development policy formulate and implement the county’s long-term economic and social development plans and annual development plans; commissioned by the county government, draw up national economic and social development plan reports for the county People’s Congress.

(II) Research and analysis the major issues of the county’s economic reform and opening up, organize the formulation of a comprehensive economic reform program, guide and promote the county’s economic reform. Coordinate the drawing up of the economic system reform program; propose the countermeasure to improve the socialist market economic system, to promote the development by reform and opening up; be responsible for the planning functions of company listing as well as guidance and recommended service work of non-state-owned enterprises listing.

(III)     Put forward the volume of total investment of the fixed assets county-wide, be responsible for investment management. Summarize and prepare mid long-range planning and annual plan of the county’s investment in fixed assets. Study and determine the amount arrangement and the usage direction of financial construction funding, be responsible for arranging the government’s financial investment in fundamental construction, agriculture, technological innovation and technological progress, city maintenance, education, science and technology and the allocated special-purpose funds by state, autonomous region and Liuzhou city,  integrating the governmental fund into project management, prepare the investment project plan of providing work as a form of relief, and organize and implement.. Guide and supervise the use of foreign loan construction funds, guide and supervise the usage direction of the policy-type loan, and guide the direction of private capital for investment in fixed assets.

(IV)     Planning major projects and distribution of productive forces. Take charge of the layout of the county’s major construction projects and the organization, coordination and management of the prophase work; propose and implement annual county’s major construction projects, organize the declaration of annual county-wide major construction project, organize the declaration of  construction project allocated by state, autonomous regions and Liuzhou city, be responsible for comprehensive planning of electricity, declare unifiedly the construction project needing the examination and approval by autonomous region and state; be responsible for the comprehensive coordination of the electric power construction project involving water conservancy, shipping and agriculture; guide and coordination the counties bidding work.

(V) Be responsible for the pretest and early detection of the overall situation in the economical operation, put forward the suggestion about countermeasure. Summarize and analyze the situation of fiscal, financial and other economic and social development, make relevant suggestions of countermeasures.

(VI) Study and put forward the special operational policy measures of the county-wide use of foreign capital and offshore investment, prepare the county-wide plan for introducing foreign investment , guide orientation in foreign investment, examine and verify and report the major issues of introducing foreign investment, investment abroad and offshore purchase of stocks in enterprises.

(VII) research and analyze the supply and demand situation of the market, put forward the countermeasure of county-wide overall balance of supply and demand of the important commodity; prepare the import and export plan for county-wide important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials, supervise the condition of execution of plan, research and put forward development program of service industry and modern logistics industry.

(VIII) Promote strategic adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, research and put forward the development strategy and planning of the important industries of national economy. Study the major issues in the overall plan of urban and rural economic and social development, put forward the strategy and planning for promoting the development of industry, agriculture and rural economic development; study the major issues of national economy informatization, high-tech industrial development, put forward the strategy and planning of promoting the information industry and high technology industry development, research the major issues of  transport development, put forward  the strategy and planning of energy and transportation development.

(IX) Prepare and organize and implement the strategic planning of west development, research and put forward the strategy and policy measure of regional economies harmonious development and urbanization development, propel the implementation of the sustainable development.

(X) Responsible for the engagement and balance between the social undertaking such as the  county’s population and family planning, science and technology, education, tourism, culture, health, sports  and national defense development and the whole national economy and social development. Put forward the countermeasure of coordinated development and interpromoting of the economy and society, coordinate the major issues in the development of county-wide labor, employment, social distribution and social security and other social undertakings.

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