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Economic and Trade Bureau of Luzhai County

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Main duties:

(I) In charge of formulating and organizing the implementation of the county’s industrial development plan. To organize the implementation of the strategic development plan of a “powerful industrial county”, to study and propose planning and objectives of changing the industrial development mode, improving the level of industrial development and accelerating the industrialization process, to promote the combined development of informationization and industrialization, and to guide to take a new road of industrialization; to propose programs and policies of the county’s industrial distribution, industrial development and product structure adjustment and organize the implementation of the same; to coordinate and solve major problems in the development of the industry; to participate in formulating the county’s economic and social development strategies, medium and long term planning, key and special planning and annual plans of development; to coordinate construction and development of industrial enterprises and industrial parks.

(II) In charge of regulating the county’s industrial economic operation. To monitor and analyze the industrial and economic operation situation, to adjust the daily operation of the industrial economy and to release information of industrial and economic operation; to develop and organize the implementation of the recent industrial economic operation control objectives and measures, to coordinate and solve the major issues in economic operation and propose comments and recommendations to the county people’s government; to guide and promote development of logistics of industrial enterprises; in charge of economic operation security and organization & coordination work of coal, electricity, oil and other important industrial energy supplies in the county; to study and propose recommendations for the development of electric power industry, in charge of scheduling of electricity operation, and coordinating operation of power enterprises; in charge of emergency management of industrial enterprises, industrial security and national defense mobilization.

(III) In charge of organizing the implementation of technological transformation of industrial enterprises in the county. To propose opinions on implementation of technological transformation investment projects of industrial enterprises; to formulate procedures for use of government funds on industrial investment projects; to guide the enterprise to develop preliminary work plan for technological transformation projects; in charge of auditing of tax relief for the county’s technological transformation investment projects; to coordinate the implementation of the technological transformation investment projects of industrial enterprises; to guide the industrial enterprises to use foreign capital and carry out international operations.

(IV) In charge of technological innovation and new product development of the county’s industrial enterprises. To formulate and organize the implementation of policies and measures on technological innovation, new product development and technology introduction of the county’s industrial enterprises; to guide the informationization construction and quality management work of the industrial enterprises.

(V) In charge of supervising and managing safety production of the civilian blasting equipment production and distribution enterprises.

(VI) In charge of macro-management and guidance of the county’s small and medium sized enterprises and the private economy. To standardize behavior of the enterprises and to guide financing work of the non-state-owned enterprises; to organize the implementation of policies and measures to promote development of small and medium sized enterprises and the private economy, and to establish a sound service system; to organize and coordinate to reduce the burden on enterprises; to promote the establishment and development of agricultural products processing industry.

(VII) In charge of energy saving and consumption reduction of the county’s industrial enterprises, to guide resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, to coordinate industrial environmental protection and to promote development of environmental protection industry, and to enhance the ability of sustainable development of the county’s industrial enterprises.

(VIII) To formulate programs on education and training of staff of the county’s industrial enterprises; to guide the implementation of continuing education of professional and technical personnel of industrial enterprises, on-job training of workers and training of management personnel of small and medium sized enterprises and private enterprises; to guide enterprises to develop international cooperation related to training of the management personnel; in charge of assessing the county’s engineering series junior professional qualification and education of the enterprise staff.

(IX) In charge of organizing the implementation of enterprise reform, to coordinate relevant departments to deal with the remaining issues of enterprise restructuring.

(X) To implement the laws, regulations and policies of the state and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the development of foreign trade and economic cooperation, in charge of managing the county’s foreign trade and economic cooperation. To draft long-term planning of the county’s foreign trade, and to propose recommendations on macro control of the county’s import and export; to research and promote new trade patterns; in charge of record management of import and export economy permits of processing and trade industry and certain goods; in charge of related matters of the county’s anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures and responding to the anti-dumping appeal according to the laws; to guide advertising of the county’s commodity exports.

(XI) To implement policies, laws and regulations of the state and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on commercial circulation industry and catering services industry, commissioned by the county people’s government, to draft normative documents and develop related management practices, and to organize the implementation and supervise and manage. In charge of macro management of and coordination services for the county’s commercial circulation industry and catering services industry, to research to develop industry management plans, to guide businesses with various economic components to develop in a coordinated manner, and to cooperate with relevant departments to rectify and regulate commodity markets.

(XII) To cultivate and develop the commodity markets, and to rationally distribute the business functional areas and major shopping malls, wholesale markets; in charge of approving and managing important commodity markets and local wholesale markets; to promote construction of rural market system and to implement rural modern circulation network project; in charge of establishing and improving the daily necessities supply emergency management mechanism, and to monitor and analyze market operation and supply & demand of important commodities and organize and regulate; to guide commerce marketing reform of the county, and to promote the development of modern marketing methods.

(XIII) In charge of managing the special trades and markets, including supervision and management of the alcoholic beverages market, livestock slaughter industry and other special trades, and to implement the administrative execution and law enforcement.

(XIV) In charge of horizontal economic integration and regional economic cooperation.


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