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Luzhai County− Present Situation of Urban Planning and Construction

Date: 2016-10-14            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

In recent years, Luzhai County deeply implement scientific outlook on development, take economic construction as the center task, and accelerate the transformation of economic development mode as the main lineto ensure and improve people’s livelihood as a fundamental. Meantime, closely move around the overall development strategy “project pulling, breakthrough, all-round development, the prosperous people and county” to fully implement the six strategies “Strong industry, urban construction, tourism, agricultural, culture, trade logistics county”. The “12thFive-Year Plan “carry forward new industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization. Luzhai promote steady and rapidly economic and social development to accelerateLuzhai into the great economic and social development plate and create a new situation of strong and prosperous county.

Luzhai County completed overall planning formulation in 2004, and made a revision in 2010. So far, Luzhai completed regulatory plan for the county south area, east area and the city. At this point, Luzhai County construction’s outline has to shape.Small town construction of Luzhai County develops rapidly under the guidance of planning. 2.16 square kilometers in south of the city is new developing. Beginning of 2001, the county housing construction entered a new starting point, the real estate industry developing rapidly, the real estate investment up to 50.86 million yuan and commercial housing sales area of 8166 square meters in the end of March, 2012.

At the same time, Luzhai County continue to expand and input urban infrastructure, which include building Feilu overpass bridge, Feilu avenue, sewage treatment plant, waste sanitary landfill site, and bridge, etc. series of major projects. Nowadays, Luzhai take up 12.1 square kilometers and have 126500 urban populations, the urbanization rate up to 45.4%. The county area has been built 9 major roads, 22 secondary main road; Open the bus lines 72 vehicles in operation; County street lamp lighting rate above 97%. Urban green coverage rate reach to 35.6%; Total water supply pipe length 95.98 km, and daily water supply capacity of 40000 cubic meters.Luzhai county named for “autonomous region Health County”, and won the fifth, sixth, seventh consecutively autonomous region “Nanzhu Cup” contest special-class award of class A;County named as “National health town” in 2008; County won the autonomous region of “Garden city”, “National cultural advanced county” title in 2009; In 2011, won the seventh of urban city appearance environment comprehensive improvement of Nan Zhu Cup competition prize.