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Interpretation of Implementing Regulations of “Project Year” and “Serving Enterprises Year”

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

On the morning of February 10, 2009, at the working conference on “Project Year” and “Serving Enterprises Year”, the CPC Nanning Committee together with Nanning Government passed and publicized theImplementing Regulations of “Project Year” and “Serving Enterprises Year”. It is a major strategy made to deal with current economic crisis and to promote the stable and rapid economic growth. It will lay a solid foundation for keeping a good momentum for the economic and social development of Nanning. In order to make it well-known to all the citizens, it is essential to interpret the Implementing Regulations through a few key words.
To Fully Promote “Project Year”


Nanning is to realize the goal of 118 billion yuan of fixed assets investment in “Project Year” so as to fuel economic development by way of investment.


Key word: objective


The objective of “Project Year” is to achieve 118 billion yuan of fixed assets investment. For the achievement of this goal, it is vital to improve investment project working mechanism, which involves bringing forth new ideas about investment and fund-raising mechanism, construction of investment projects, management of investment projects, etc. giving priority to major investment projects so as to develop investment projects on different scales simultaneously. It is equally important to create a good investment environment and to expand investment to any possible fields. Meanwhile, proper adjustment of investment structure will help to boost returns of investment.


Key word: focal points of investment


In “Project Year”, Nanning is to give priority to projects related to the people’s livelihood, agriculture-rural areas-farmers, and construction of core cities in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone:


1.    to attach importance to the people’s livelihood and increase social security, and build life security system involving people in rural and urban areas, putting emphasis on projects of improving the people’s livelihood or solving problems for low-income people;

2.    to pay attention to agriculture-rural areas-farmers issues and quicken the construction of new socialist countryside and increase investment in rural infrastructure, placing emphasis on projects of rural infrastructure;

3.    to accelerate the construction of core cities in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and make great efforts to build regionally international city, laying emphasis on projects of urban infrastructure in large cities;

4.    to quicken the social development and improve public service system, putting emphasis on social development projects, including education, culture, sanitation and physical culture;

5.    to pay attention to energy-saving and emission-reduction and ecological civilization construction, make sure to achieve the goal of energy-saving and emission-reduction and seek for scientific development, putting emphasis on projects of energy-saving and emission-reduction and ecological civilization construction; and

6.    to reinforce the independent innovation, make great efforts to adjust industry restructuring, and give support to advanced productivity reform which changes the way of economic development, laying emphasis on projects of independent innovation and industry restructuring.


Key word: preliminary work


1.    Completing ad hoc planning for various projects construction: Relevant departments at levels of city, county and development zone shall perfect ad hoc planning for various projects in the shortest time according to the practical situation of Nanning;

2.    Carrying out joint examination and approval of investment projects: A working team shall be established, which works together with each member performing its own functions and always follows the principle of giving priority to the urgent;

3.    Delegating the authority of examination and approval to lower levels: Except for procedures expressly stipulated in writing that must be examined and approved by the higher authorities, it is feasible to delegate the authority of examination and approval for some procedures of projects, such as programming, land use, forest land, environment protection and water conservancy, to lower levels; and

4.    Increasing financial investment in outlay of preliminary work: The budgetary financial arrangement for annual outlay of preliminary work for newly-started construction projects shall be over 60 million yuan at city level, and over 5 million yuan at levels of county, district and development zone at preference.


Key word: responsibility system


Leading group of “Project Year”, composed of leaders from CPC Nanning Committee, Nanning Government, Nanning Peoples Congress, and CPPCC Nanning Committee as well as from relevant departments, is responsible for giving guidance and supervision at regular or irregular intervals to the accomplishment of preliminary work and construction of investment projects, especially to major investment projects, figuring out solution to current problems and promoting the construction and preliminary work of investment projects. Under the leading group of “Project Year”, the office, called “1180 Office” (goal of 118-billion-yuan fixed assets investment), is set up.

1.    In the “Project Year”, it is essential to construct major 100 key projects (with a total investment of 128.6 billion yuan, an annual investment of 21.6 billion yuan), out of the 1196 projects with intended investment of over 5 million yuan in Nanning in the year; and to construct 151 preliminary work projects (with a total investment of 36.5 billion yuan, an annual investment of 5 billion yuan), the focal points of preliminary work projects in Nanning in the year. Related leaders shall be responsible for construction and promotion of relevant key projects and preliminary work projects.

2.    It is to carry out responsibility system for annual investment, subdividing the objective andresponsibility of the fixed assets investment and preliminary work of key projects in the year, and to act in accordance with the division of one’s duties to actively promote the project construction.

3.    Related functional departments shall provide series of services such as examination and approval, fund-raising, programming and evaluation. In addition, they shall predigest procedures of examination and approval, shorten work timing, improve administration efficiency, give guidance to project developers, and help them solve practical difficulties with necessary support.

4.    To stick to the responsibility system of proprietors of investment projects: proprietors of government investment projects shall strengthen internal responsibility system and carry out specific plans so as to develop projects smoothly according to project demands, and those of non-government investment projects shall manage to quicken the construction of project according to the investment plan.

To Fully Promote “Serving Enterprises Year”


In the year of “Serving Enterprises”, the support to enterprises shall be provided to help them enhance core competitiveness for a healthy development. And it is equally important to improve the service level for the rapid economic and social development of Nanning.

Key word: to support the enterprises development


Focusing on actually helping solve problems for enterprises, Nanning is to call for the whole society to pay attention to and provide support to enterprises in the “Serving Enterprises Year”, helping them deal with current domestic and foreign complicated changing economic situations. Therefore, it is necessary to actually change the work style of organs, improve working efficiency and investment environment, thus promoting the sustainable economic and social development of Nanning.
Key word: to grasp the enterprises’ development situation


Some measures shall be taken to find out main difficulties of enterprises, to study current situation and developing goal of core enterprises by various means such as having an interview with enterprises, giving out questionnaires and holding symposium, so as to learn about development trend of industries and enterprises, to figure out suitable modes of development, to reinforce macro-guidance, and to promote rapid, healthy and orderly development of enterprises.

Key word: to solve problems


Great efforts shall be made to solve problems for enterprises in the year of serving enterprises:


1.    Helping enterprises to solve problems in manufacturing and marketing, especially providing services for structural adjustment, assets reorganization, mechanism transformation, investment invitation, transportation of coal and electricity and oil, sales of products, brand building, environmental protection, technical progress and improvement in services;

2.    Coordinating with related departments to solve problems in relation to constraint of production factors such as financing and building land;

3.    Coordinating with related departments to solve problems of recruitment and labor and social security;

4.    Coordinating with related departments to solve problems of employment turnover and safety in production;

5.    Changing the work style of institutions and improving administration efficiency. Great efforts shall be made to investigate and punish the acts that violate the law and discipline, such as arbitrary charges, fund-raising quotas and fines, and to investigate and handle a string of complaints so as to ensure enterprises’ legal rights;

6.    Maintaining order of the market economy and fighting against unfair competition and counterfeit and shoddy products;

7.    Investigating and studying planning and goal of enterprises so as to help them know about the development consideration and enhance their core competitiveness and ability to deal with crisis; and

8.    Publicizing and implementing the preferential policies for enterprises.
Key word: thoughts and measures


Emphasis should be placed on researches on issues such as perfection of supportive policies, expansion of financing channels, increase of land supply, simplification of approval procedures, improvement of investment environment, so as to initiate thoughts of work and set up long-acting service mechanism:


1.     thoughts and measures about the goal of development, different orientations and development of various industries;

2.     thoughts and measures to perfect and strengthen listing on stock market, issuing bonds and raising fund;

3.     thoughts and measures to strengthen coordination among departments, simplify the procedures of approval and improve work efficiency;

4.     thoughts and measures to innovate management system and operating mechanism in development zones and to promote construction of special development zones;

5.     thoughts and measures to manage the land reserve and project bid, auction and nominal quotation;

6.     thoughts and measures about government incentives, financial support and tax relief; and

7.     thoughts and measures to expand domestic demand and promote growth