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The State Council on the implementation of the western development policies and measures (excerpt)

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

I.Key policy support making

(1)Key tasks and strategic goals.The key tasks for the western developmentimplementationin the current and future period: accelerate infrastructure construction; strengthen ecological environment protection and construction; Strengthen agriculture foundation, adjust industrial structure and develop special tourism; develop science education and cultural health services. Its goal is to try to achieve a satisfactory level of economic development in the western part of the country in a five- to ten-year time-frame.

(2)Key regions. The range of west development policy include, Chongqing city, Sichuan province, Yunnan province, Tibet Autonomous Region, Shanxi province, Gansu province, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Qinghai province, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the NeiMonggol Autonomous Region, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The west development implement reply on the European Continental Bridge, the Yangtze River Waterway, southwest thoroughfare to the sea and others arterial traffic to develop center city function. Meantime, “Yixiandaidian, Yidiandaimai”, gradually formed distinctive Western LonghaiLanxin line, the upperstream of the Yangtze River, Nanning, Kunming, Guiyang and other cross administration regional economic zone to stimulate the development of other regions and promote the development of the western region.

II.The policy for improving investment environment

(1)Implement of tax preferential. This policy aimto the domestics and foreign-invested enterprises encouraged by national, which setting up in the west development area and only levy enterprise income tax by 85% in certain period time. The national autonomous area enterprises can be regularly exempted or reduced enterprise income tax after provincial level government approve. New enterprises such as transport, electric power, water conservancy, postal, radio and television and other enterprises, the enterprise income tax shall be exempted from implementation of two years, three years halving. In order to protect the ecological environment, returning farmland to forest, grass output of agricultural special products income, then take measures for 10 year exemption from special agricultural products taxes. Compared with the land of railway, civil aviation, the provincial people’s governments, autonomous regions and municipalities government determine if the western area highway, provincial highway construction land can be exempted from farmland tax. The western areas encouraged industries of the domestic and foreign investment and advantage industries projects import advanced technology and equipment within the total amount of investment, in addition to the provisions of the state will not be duty-free goods, shall be exempted from customs duties and import VAT.

(2)Implement of land and mineral resources preferential policies. It takes measures for the barren hills, wasteland and slope farmland in western region toreturning farmland to forest and grassland. For example, the people return the farmland and then assume responsibility for grow grass. The people operate the enterprise, and then own the right to use land and forest ownership. Economic organizations and individuals can apply to use state-owned barren hills and wasteland in accordance with the law, and restore vegetation ecological environment construction. Under the condition of construction investment and greening work prepare well, then can be sold to obtain land right of state-owned, leasing reduction. The land usage right can apply to extend, inherit and compensable transfers after 50 years expire. Compensation shall be given according to law if national construction need to recall the use right of state-owned land. For enjoying the national grain subsidies, then ecological forest woodland plant can’t cut down. It takes strictly protection for basic farmland to achieve the balance of arable land. Further improving the approval system of construction land, simplify the procedures, and provide guarantee indemnificatory construction land. The existing urban construction land revenuemainly applies to urban infrastructure construction. Strengthen the western region mineral resources evaluation, exploration, development protection and rational utilization policy. Make the policy how to transfer exploration right or mining right legally, and cultivate the mining right market

III.Enlarge the internal and external opening policy

(1)Further expand the foreign investment field. Encourage foreign enterprises invest the western agriculture, water conservancy, ecology, transportation, energy, municipal, environmental protection, mining, tourism, etc. infrastructure construction and resource development as well as technology research and development center setting. To expand the western service trade fields fully open, which allowing foreign banks, commercial retail enterprises, foreign trade enterprises to expand investment pilot to municipalities, provincial capital, and also allow western foreign bank to deal RMB business. Allowing foreign enterprises to invest telecommunications, insurance, tourism, and establish Sino foreign joint venture accounting firms, law firms, engineering design company, railway and highway freight enterprise, municipal public enterprises and other available opening enterprise. Some open fields allow the pilot first in the western region.

(2)Further broaden and utilize foreign channel. The western areas carry out foreign investment pilot under the way of BOT and TOT. The policy allows foreign investment to develop project financing included RMB, and support eligible foreign enterprises of western area in the domestic and foreign stock market listing.Support the national encouraged or permitted enterprises in part of western area through the transfer of management rights, the transfer of equity, merger and reorganization and other ways to attract foreign investment.Actively explore in sino-foreign joint venture industry funds, venture capital funds way to introduce foreign capital.Encourage the foreign joint venture more investment in the west areas. If foreign investment proportion more than 25%, then enjoy treatment of foreign investment enterprises.Foreign enterprises invest infrastructure and the superiority industry projectsin the western region, and thenease restrictions on foreign investment shares. Allow certain projects to increase the proportion of total investment of China preferential loansin the western areas.Competitive industries and export projectsin the western areas introducethe foreign advanced technology and equipment, and then the state provides the support of foreign commercial loans index.Actively strive for multilateral and bilateral grants and give preferential arrangement in the western region project.

(3)Vigorously developforeign economic relations. Further expand the autonomic operation of the production enterprises of foreign trade in western area, and encourage developing competitive products export, foreign project contracting and labor cooperation, overseas investment by surrounding countries, easing staff travel restrictions, which are all measures to developforeign economic trade.Give appropriate care on import management if economic development urgent need for technical equipment in western area.According to the condition for visa and other convenient visa policy to overseas tourists enter from important tourism cities. Implement more preferential border trade policy to relax restrictions, such as the export tax rebates, import and export business scope, import and export quota, license management, personnel exchanges. Promote the opening markets with adjacent countries of western area; promote economic and technological cooperation healthy development with neighboring countries

(4)Promote regional cooperation and partner assistance. To prevent redundant construction and prohibited transfer under the premise of backward technology and environmental pollution. Take the effective measures in the investment, finance, tax, credit, economy and trade, industry and commerce, labor, statistic to support the east, the central enterprises to invest and set up factories, equity investment, acquisition, transfer of technology, and other ways to cooperate in western area. Under the guidance of the central and local governments to mobilize social forces and strengthen partner assistance from all aspects, then further support to the western poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority areas, we will continue to carry forward “Xing Bian Fu Min”, “action, and develop various forms of regional economic cooperation surrounding key area of the western area

IV.Talents attracting and the development of science and technology education policy is beneficial to the western region to attract talents, retain talents, and encourage talents entrepreneurship policy. With salary reform, and establish the area allowance in remote area, improve personal salary level for the western region of organs and institutions in order to make it at or above the national average gradually. Rely on the key task, important research topic, major construction projectsof the western development, and provide a good working and living conditions in order to attract domestic and foreign professionals devoted into the western development.Reforming the household registration management system that allows other regions investment management and participated residents to keep original household. The people under local city (prefecture) and small towns have legal domicile, stable occupation or source of income, who can deal with the city and town permanent residence to encourage surplus labor transfer and the flow of cross-regional population according to own willingness. Enlarge the conversation between the east and west regions. The central authorities, the eastern region colleges and universities and scientific research institutions strengthen to provide intelligence services and talent support for western region.Strengthen the introducing foreign intelligence work in the western area. Relying on the central authorities and the economy relatively developed coastal area. Strengthen the training of the leading cadres, cadres from ethnic minorities and civil servants, professional and technical personnel, and enterprise management personnel

Above mentioned policies and measures mainly suitable for the current and the next 10 years. With the western development strategy implement, the policies and measures will be further perfected.