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Notice for “Luzhai County Investment Promotion Reward Measures”

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

LuZhai County Committee and People’ Government


Notice for “Luzhai County Investment Promotion Reward Way ” 

Country (town) Party Committee, Government, County units:

<Luzhai County Investment Promotion Reward Way > will distribute to you, please implement carefully

Luzhai county committee
LuzhaiPeople’ Government
April, 3rd, 2008

Luzhai County Investment Promotion Reward Measures 

To enlarge county investment promotion work, fully mobilize the society members to participate in the investment promotion, and promote our country economic development, the flowing measures will implement:

Article 1 Reward Objects

The reword objects are social natural person through various legal channels to introduce domestic and foreign funds successfully, and carry out productive industry, the third industry (exclude real estate development project) in Luzhaicounty

The outstanding achievements units and individuals in investment promotion work

Article2  Reward Conditions

The introduced project conform to the national industrial policy requirement, and the fixed asset investment up to 15 million yuan, and project put into operationwithin the contract time limit

Article 3 Reward Standards

①The industry project introduced by social natural person, who can obtain on-time reward in project put into operation. The award upper limit is 200000 yuan. The third industry project can refer to this (exclude real estate development project)

The outstanding achievements units and individuals in investment promotion will be awarded according to the classification of contribution

Article 4 Funding Sources of Reward

For the introduced industrial projects and the third industry projects (exclude real estate development project), the people’s government will arrange reward from financial budget

Article 5 Confirmation for Investment Amount 

①Foreign funds introduction calculated by project investment contract actual available funds (exclude circulating fund)

②Foreign funds introduction calculated by project investment contract actual available funds and pay for RMB (foreign funds convert into RMB in accordance with national rule)

Foreign enterprise use machinery and equipment, professional technology as capital investment, the value calculated by evaluation value of legal asset through appraisal institutions.

Article Confirmation for Attractors

①One investment project only can assign to one attractor. Regard two or above investors as group

②Foreign investors cannot be attractors for its investment projects to obtain award at the same time

Article 7  Declaration and Reward Way For Attractors


①Attractors should handle the registration formality in County Investment Promotion Bureau after contract signed and project funds in place (investment introduction attorney and available ID need)

②The Investment Promotion Bureau inform attractors to handle related registration procedure and apply reward after the project complete in the contract time limit

③The county Investment promotion bureau accepts attractors’ application, then report to people’s government. The county committee and people’s government will pay cash one time after verify and publish the attractors’ projects

Article 8 This approach will execute since the date issued