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History of Luzhai

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]


Luzhai county is situated in the middle of Guangxi with total area being 3003 square kilometers, and has a jurisdiction of 5 townships and 4 towns, the total population is 413.2 thousand, among which are mainly the nationalities of Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yiao, Hui and others. It constantly has the title of”treasure land in middle of Guangxi”.



Qin, Guilin of the genus.
Han, belonging to TAM, starting in two counties.
The three countries, followed in early Han dynasty; Wu Ganlou the first year (265) analysis of the beginning (an, Lingling County) reset the anxian County in the South, in territory belonging to TAM, began Ann, Cang an three counties.
Jin three kingdoms formed.
The northern and Southern dynasties, song (420-479), undo the anxian County, which incorporated an County was founded, in territory belonging to TAM, starting two places. Datong eight years (542) on site home beam former Chang an County, the County acquired Liang Huajun, in territory belonging to TAM, began Ann beam County and two counties. Put Chen on the Lake as County, territory belonging to Liang Huajun, an County as County and was founded.
Sui dynasty of nine years (589) waste County, Liang Huajun home beam and as County District and County, territory belonging to beam, elephant, begins Tri-County places. Opened 18 years (598), beam modification and purification; territory belonging to purification, like an County and begins. Renshouchu (601-604) analysis of an County began to reset xingan, purification, as territory belonging, XING ‘ an County. Early cause and purification, Hung Yen into the beginning, the territory belonging to the County and began An Jundi.
Tang wude four years (621) to reset the original XING ‘ an Xuan Feng County; is a year after purchase and purification County, territory belonging to Xuan feng, like counties and purification of three counties.
In Zhenguan of image to put Luo Rong County 12 years (638) and Xuan Feng in Hung yen. Territory belongs, luorong, XING an, the purification of the four counties. To Germany for two years (757) modified gmelinii; first year of yongzhen (805) purification was renamed Prince Gong; here, territory belonging to elephants, luorong, reason, Prince Gong of four counties. Gan Ning two years (895) on the revenue position of gu, membership relations in unchanged.
Jia song blesses the four years (1059), and as the County into luorong; six years (1061) and Gu Gong into. Meanwhile, territory belonging to luorong, Gu and the three counties. Two years in Shaoxing%8