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Sweet Luzhai Sour

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

I am a Luzhai migrant worker coming from outside of Luzhai. I myself, have a tolerably good habit(ha ha, I say it for glorifying myself, laughing it off, do not be serious), that is: each place I go, I will pay special attention to the customs there, I think we can understand the local culture there.

For so many years in Luzhai, the persons and things that impress me most have a lot, among which Luzhai sour can be called unique.The sour stalls in Luzhai streets, exaggeratedly speaking, are scattered here and there; And sour varieties, color and taste can be also called the adjectives as too much super, super nice and super sweet.

That year I went to Luzhai, it was just in the twelfth month of super cold winter, but whenever I walked on the streets or into an alley, can always saw sour stalls of different size.Sometimes, I would even worry about their business: the sour can be easily sold?I also wondered for the people stopped there for a taste: during the thorny wind weather eating the sour was really so great?

One night,I was so idle that I hung out to the street night market.At first, because I liked the table tennis, I walked into a table tennis room to view others playing,just met a few young people playing the table tennis while eating the sour, the small billiard room was full of the sour flavor in the air.I was not used to the smell of the sour, so left the billiard room helplessly. However, when I went to a barbecue stall, and found three or four young men and women there eating barbecue with a large bowl of sour on the table… I encountered several times for the similar scenery that night. I thought, it seemed Luzhai people really liked to eat the sour — and, of course, not that kind of emotional “eating the sour and sipping vinegar”. Perhaps,Luzhai sour for Luzhai people, is really the indispensable gourmet for all four seasons! So, those selling the sour must be easy to make money; And those eating the sour, must taste all the freshness and beauty of the sour as the number one delicious food in this world!

Near the company that I work, there is a larger sour stall, boss’s name is Feng, she never hire others,only the couple cooperate each other for business from early daytime to late night, which makes the sour business booming.Perhaps because living longin Luzhai, I am gradually used to the smell of the sour, and want to taste the Luzhai sour, and one day, I visited his sour stall.Standing in front of the stall, only seeing more than 20 large and small glass vats, each kind of sour was pickled in a vat, they were respectively: papaya sour, turnip sour,ginger sour, pineapple sour,vivianlulu sour, beans sour, cucumber sour, green pepper sour… and I could not call many names. Because there were many various kinds,each sour can satisfy the customer’s interest, so his sour can be sold very well, the customers were always flowing without stopping.

That day, I was “bold and unconstrained”, tastedseveral kinds of sour.Because added red pepper powder, the sour tasted both sour and sweet, and the spicy made me smack my lips and call cool consistently.After seeing me, Boss Feng laughed. He carried a cup of plain boiled water, passed me and told me to eat slowly, not worry.Apparently, Boss Feng was a hospitable and honest man, so we chatted.

During the chatting, I learned that Boss Feng was the original inhabitant residing near streets in Luzhai town.He said that each family in Luzhai before had the pickled sour, however, as the old people “passed away”, moreover, moving into the high building, disgusted that taste was delicious but smelled bad, not did any more.But Luzhai people all liked to eat the sour, because the sour can reduce the heat,anti-alcohol,fortify the stomach they cannot leave it the four seasons all around the year,”I just aimed at the business opportunity and started a business selling the sour”, ” then more than 20 years passed from that, and had a small fame in Luzhai”.He didn’t hide any, told me the truth that: “Although the sour stall seems small and insignificant, it can support my whole family!Now, my family is not only built high floors, but also adds together furniture, a very sweet life…”

Later, I often went to Boss Feng’s sour stalls to eat the sour and talked with him.After familiar with each other, I asked him the pickled sour experience. Boss Feng said with a smile, there was no hard (pickled sour), the method was very simple, everyone would do it. As saying, he taught me how to pickle the sour: firstly put water into a glass vat, and then entered into the right amount salt, so that water became salty;what kinds of the sour you wanted you can just put into what kinds of sour materials into the vat, until it was mature enough, it became the delicious sour.”Of course, if you want to eat a bit sweet sour,you can sprinkle some sugar after making, if you are not afraid of hot, you can also add some chili powder…” Oh my god, so simple, but it can become the big business by the small but steady stream, I really threw myself down at his feet in admiration.

However, I thought it was really true, with the development of society, the social division became more and more fine, a person, can’t do everything, even we can do everything, but maybe had no time to do; Moreover, although Boss Feng’s stall seemed small, how many people can understand the hard work inside? Besides, it is more than 20 years? !So, I more and more admired the”settlers” like Boss Feng: without them, how we can be so leisurely “eat when we want”,and taste all kinds of sweet Luzhai sour? !

A few days ago, I went back to the hometown Wu Xuan.Before departure, I specially went to Boss Feng’s sour stall to buy a big bag of Luzhai sour back for children.Looking at my children swallowing the sour sharing with players in the yard,with all saying Luzhai sour was delicious and very sweet, I listened to laugh pleasantly…

Oh, I love Luzhai, more love sweet Luzhai sour!