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Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]


The location advantages of LuZhai are obvious, and the transportation is very convenient. Luzhai county is located in the hinterland of GuiZhong and grab the crossroads of the north-south traffic, about 260 kilometers away from capital of nanning city, 115 kilometers away from Guilin, which is the world famous tourism city, 33 km kilometers away from Liuzhou, which is the industrial hub of guangxi, and 120 kilometers away from the guilin liangjiang airport, and 45 kilometers away from the liuzhou bailian airport. There are GuiHai expressway, YangLu highway, PingLu secondary roads and other national or provincial highway in the territory, and the xiang-gui railway runs through the whole territory from north to south; There are two proposed port operation areas – Jiangkou and Daojiang, with 23 2000-ton berths, and have a waterway connecting the Pearl River, which can be directly to Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.