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Traffic-Investment Environment of LuzhaiCounty

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Aviation: The county is far from tourist city Guilin Liangjiang international airport about 120 kilometers, and away Lliuzhou white lotus airport about 40 kilometers by the expressway.

Railway:Nearby Liuzhou railway hub location, the range of Guangxi Luzhai economic development area include Luzhai, Luhua, Luorong, Duiting, Chengnan new district ,etc5 freight handling stations, through Xianggui line, Zhiliuline access to all parts of the country.

Road: The expressway from Guilin to Beihai (thoroughfare to the sea), 323 national secondary roads (to Zhu Jiang Delta channel), 322 national roads, which are join here, the county asphalt road access to all part of the county.

Waterway: Luzhaiguide River Wharf cannavigable 300 – ton ships from Liujiang (Pearl River system) to Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Honkong.