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Transportation Network Extending in All Directions

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Luzhai county is located in the hinterland of GuiZhong, grabs the crossroads of the north-south traffic, so it has very convenient land, air and water transportation. There are GuiHai expressway, Liuzhou ring expressway, PingLu secondary roads and other national or provincial highway in the the territory, villages and towns are connected by asphalt road or standard highway; The Xiang-Gui railway runs through the whole territory from north to south; The county is about 45 kilometers away from the Liuzhou Bailian airport and 120 kilometers away from the Guilin Liangjiang airport, and it’s an hour’s drive by highways. There are three towns, LuoRong, Jiangkou and Daojianglies by the Liujiang river channel, which is a convenient waterway directly to Wuzhou and Guangzhou.


GuiLiu highway is a two-way four-lane road, design speed is 100 km/h, the mileage in the county territory is 73 kilometers. There are three exits and entrances, LuoRong, LuZhai and Huang Mian, and a service area. It is about 33 km from LuZhai to Jinglan export of Liuzhou, it is less than half an hour’s drive. And it is about 110 kilometers to Liaotian export of Guilin, it is also only an hour’s drive. The start of Luorong to Luoman section of liuzhou ring expressway is LuoRong Lianfeng village of GuiHai highway, and the end is Luoman town in Liujiang county of Liuyi highway, it is about 15 kilometers long in Luzhai county, and it started in October 2003 and is open to traffic in August 2006. The secondary road from Pingle to LuZhai is 73 kilometers, running through the LuZhai town, Saisha town and Sipai township. The LiuDong avenue from Liuzhou city to LuoRong is about 14 km long, and it is a two-way six lanes urban main road. The extension section of LiuDong avenue, which extends to LuZhai county, is started in 2009, total length of 17.1 kilometers, the project is under construction. The highway (under construction) from LuZhai to yangshuo is 31.97 kilometers long have started in December 2010,its design speed is 100 km/h, and has three interchanges(Saisha, North Luzhai, Shiliu river) and a service area named Saisha.


The section of Xiang-GUI railway in the territory of Luzhai county is about 68 kilometers long, and along this section of the railway has 8 stations, they are Luorong, Duiting, Luzhai, Xincun, Youlan, Huangmian, Daduanhe and Bozhai. Luzhai Railway Station–the biggest one, is a third-class station, and has 6 railways. The station receives and departs more than 80 trains every day, berths 7 passenger trains. The railway yearly cargo handling capacity of the county is about 2000000 tons, and about 200000 passengers. Xiang-Gui high-speed railway has been completed the main construction in 2011, and this railway has a north train station in Luzhai County.


The Liujiang River flows through the territory of Daojiang township and Jiangkou township, the waterway can access to the pearl river delta area, which can be used by 1000-tons freighters to transport in wet season, and 500-tons freighters in dry season. It plans to build 18 1000 to 2000-ton berths in the Jiangkou operation area in Jiangkou township, and it plans to upgrade the Daojiang operation area in Daojiang township based on the existing dock, it will be a comprehensive operation area with 5 2000-ton berths. Jiangkou operation area is near Liuzhou city, it could drastically shorten the waterway mileage to Liuzhou city, and avoid the problem of lockage after the completion of the Honghua power plant, so it is a very competitive project; Daojiang operation area is meaningful to dredge Luzhai waterway, and has the extremely vital significance to promote the social and economic development.