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Drunk Beauty Aromatic Bridge One Day Travel

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Drive to 【Luzhai Aromatic Bridge Scene】(about 40 minutes driving)  

1. Tourist spot Ⅰ:【Zhongdu Ancient Town】Walk through the blue stone slab road of middle wharf to look for the decrepit rampart, promenade in the alleyways of east street with long history, visit the buildings dated from Qing dynasty, such as Jiasheng firm, the Luos mansion, and old address of Zhongdu county council. You can play water by the side of Rongyin ancient ferry of large wharf, visit Guangdong east assembly hall in south street, inspect the old government address of the Republic of China, recollect the memory of aged cinema, and you can also offer incense to pray for good fortune.Have dinner in Farmhouse Happiness of Ancient Town.

2. Tourist spot Ⅱ:Drive to【Aromatic Bridge Karst National Geologic Park 】and pass by Sounding Water Cataract which is the rarely seen large scale low head planar cataract in China.It comprises 4 long beaches from up to bottom, and the fourth long beach with laminated layers has the laudatory title of Beach with Thousands of Layers.

3.Tourist spot Ⅲ: View the 【Moon Mountain】by bus. The Moon Mountain is a wonderful view inside the scenic region. Because there is a large cave penetrating through the mountain body on the summit which seems like a bright moon highly hanging and shining, people call it the “Bright Moon Peak” or “Moon Mountain” .

4.Tourist spot Ⅳ:【Aromatic Bridge Karst National Geological Park】Enter into Aromatic Karst National Geological Park (AAAA scenic area),【Enjoy-viewing geological museum 】, learn the geological knowledge about the earth and geology changing and evolution process; for【Enjoy-appreciating Natural Bridge】,ramble in the Aromatic Bridge canyon, watch appetizing pond, smell the fragrant spring, go across the aromatic bridge fairyland, listen to the echoing sound of the steps in the canyon, caress the cliff face gently, you will feel that the nature and human beings are so close to each and rely on each other intrinsically.

【Happy traveling in Nine-dragon Cave】Stalactites cluster in great numbers inside the cave which are multicolored and marvelously created, and all kinds of sceneries of stone flowers, stone curtains, stone birds and stone beasts have remarkable resemblance and amaze people as the peak perfection.

After exiting the cave, proceed to the Viewing Deck, ascend a height to watch the panorama of Aromatic Bridge geological park.

Guangxi Luzhai Aromatic Bridge Karst geological park is national AAAA tourism attraction and one of “10 key tourism projects” in Liuzhou city. The park is located in northeast edge land of Karst basin in middle Guizhou province and is situated within Zhongdu town of Luzhai county with its south end starting from Zhongdu town and its north end reaching Fengmuping which presents an extension from northwest to southeast. The area is 41.07 km2 and it is a large scale national geological park with karst geology and geomorphology as its themes.

The main geology and geomorphology of the park are natural bridge, karst cave, canyon peak cluster, peak forest and stone forest, among which the aromatic bridge karst canyon, natural bridge, 9-dragon cave, sounding water stone forest, sounding water cataract and karst peak forest from Zhongdu to Zhishan mostly have appreciation value and are intensively epitomized as odd bridge, deep and remote cave, elegant canyon, enchanting water and charming forest, which are appraised as the genuine “miniature of China tropical karst geomorphology” and “natural karst geology and geomorphology museum”by the geologists.

Inside the park, odd peaks cram to each other, pits and caves lie densely, rivers are intermittent in light and darkness, and there are diverse kinds of geological relics formed through chronic geological process into natural heritage, which are both rare and typical and are the precious treasure bestowed by the nature to human beings. It is important courtyard for tourism and scientific knowledge popularization activities and has important value for science, appreciation and development.

Here, it will make you lose the courage for “detesting the mundane and criticizing the secular” and become as tranquil and calm as water; here, it will dilute your will and emotion and is the good place for physical and mental cultivation; here, the hills and waters are so much beyond appreciation.

Find a time, leave the urban noise and haze temporarily, enter into Aromatic Bridge Karst national geology park, breathe fresh air, experience the magnificence of natural window and giant sinkhole, appreciate the wonder of redolent ponds and springs, taste the elegance of the pretty hill trees, listen to the lingering of sounding water cataract and start your reveling tourism.

You will find the drunk and indulging beauty is attributable to the Aromatic Bridge!