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QQ Group Boosts Banli Tun for Cleaning the Village

Date: 2016-10-17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]



News from Luzhai on this net(by correspondent WeiYanFang)Jiang Yong,from Banli Tun, Gumu village, Zhaisha town, returned home to create business successful, by building a QQ group,and persuaded the migrant workers actively participating in the”Beautiful Luzhai ·Clean Village” activities, made the village be changed from a backward one with severe poor and disordered environmental into a beautiful one in Luzhai town.

Jiang Yong now is the chairman of board of Liuzhou Honglong Transportation Co., Ltd.After became rich, he always missed the fellows in hometown, and worried about his hometown development. Since starting the activities of “Cleaning Village” , he had gifted 20 trash cans and a garbage car to the village, and led the local famous charity people to build a waste incineration burning pool and a waste burying land; He also launched the masses to invest 5 yuan a month per person to hire a cleaner,and to establish a clean country long-term mechanism to form a good atmosphere of “Everyone abides by the hygiene rules, every family builds up new spirit”. In addition, he also created “”Luzhai Banli Longhu Group”, by the use of QQ group to launch the migrant workers negotiating with the whole fellows for the “golden idea” of the local environment improvement, and then transformed many good ideas from the masses into”Clean village” “Pearl method”.

QQ group of small platform reveals great role. The village leader Wei Shuiping said that after the establishment of” Luzhai Banli Longhu Group “, it received unexpected effect and he got many times assistance from the fellow migrant workers to solve the difficulties in the hometown cleaning. In early June of this year, the Banli Tun cleaners reported to village leaders that the village pond suddenly adding a lot of water hyacinth, which made the previous cleaning water hyacinth work back to the origin. After visiting,it was Uncle Guo raised the water hyacinths in the pond, he felt water hyacinths growing in the pond were beautiful, and, over the years, he fed the ducks by the water hyacinths, why needed to clean, he couldn’t accept the fact of water hyacinth cleaning, which greatly influenced the cleaners’ work.Wei Shuiping made the feedback to the group, after Uncle Guo’s son knowing,called to fatherfrom Guangdong and said the benefits of cleaning water hyacinths, made him match the village work.The next day, Uncle Guo actively cleaned up the water hyacinths, thus made the village pond become clean. Since building group on May 30, the QQ group has developed rapidly, from 12 to 161 members now, and 32 pieces were family thought activities led by the migrant workers,15 pieces wereproblem solving from the together negotiation, and 6 pieces were village regulations formulated and perfected.

In the cleaning village supervision in May of Banli Tun ranking backward, made the village leader very anxious, Village leader Wei Shuiping immediately announced the results of the inspection in QQ group. Unexpectedly, in the QQ group, the masses discussed high, and hoped to be able to do their best to improve the village environment, in the end, they decided tocarry out the cleaning on June 17, in the village.On the same day, a total of 53 people took part in the labor,among which returning workers were 21, they also donated more than 1000 yuan to cleaning out the trash.