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Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

The shape of the bulb is like an oval egg, the color of skin and flesh is yellow white. It is rich in starch, protein and vitamin, and has high nutritive value. It has special flavor which is crisp and tender and has no bitter taste. It is good hydrophyte vegetable which can be sold in market during spring and winter seasons. It can be also used as medicine with the property of slight cold, which has the effect of moistening lungs and quenching cough, antipyretics and detoxicating.

The main production area is the towns and villages of Zhaisha, Sipai, Zhongdu and others, the perennial planting area is over 5000 acres with output being 5000-6000 tons. It begins to be harvested and sold in market from the first 10-day of December until to February of next year. It can be stored to March of next year.