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About Yingshan Rice Noodles

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Yingshan rice noodles won praises without ceasing with the unique delicious taste and memorable aroma.

Ricenoodles in Yingshan street are the most famous for three representative types – the dry cutting rice noodles of Family Chen across the river and Family Zhang in new street,the steamed soft cut rice noodles come down to Family Chibingji, and extracted acid water rice noodles from Family Yu(Yuda), which can compare with the horse meat rice noodles in Guilin and the Bellamya Purificata Rice Noodles in Liuzhou. For the merchants from outside villages and country fellows who are residing abroad, when they came back to Zhongdu town, in addition to the scenery beautiful Xiangqiao karst sightseeing, they all want back to the ancient town for Chibingji rice noodle shop in Yingshan street and soft cut rice noodles or extracted acid water rice noodles from Family Yu(Yuda). According to some of the old memories, before and after the liberation period, Chi Bingji, Chi Lianji and Family Yu rice noodle stores can be said the most boisterous,with the daily sales of rice noodle amount of about two or three hundred Jin.Someone wrote the rice noodle shop busy scene into folk songs to sing like this: “Family Chi rice noodles are with nice aroma, all praise good after eating.The extracted cut rice noodles from Family Yu more tasting, even the drinking soup empty.”

Hereby, I will specify why the Family Chi soft but rice noodles with so nice aroma. The author in the early 70s was adjusted to Liuzhou Iron & Steel Company Tunqiu Iron Mine Comprehensive Store acted as manager. In order to improve the quality of rice noodle processing of comprehensive store, once back to Yingshan street interviewed the offspring ChiShaoji of Family Chi rice noodle,comrade Shaoji was the accountant of Zhongdu supply and marketing cooperative, during the conversation with him, he told me without reservation about his experience as rice noodle selling.After his backtracking, he introduced four aspects in details, one is from the unique processing, the second is from the exquisite recipe, three is from the hospital service with good sanitation, the fourth is from uniqueYingshan local rice.

As for the unique processing, at the condition of absence of electricity, processing rice is by hand, after cleaning the soaking rice, grind them by stone washing, with small spoon adding rice and water properly.The grinding rice pulp is tender and greasy.Before steaming, match the raw and cooked pulp properly.And steaming with proper average thickness, such steamed rice noodles are soft for tasting.

Besides, for the exquisite recipe, the brine recipe and soup recipe come down from Family Chi is of fresh scent and thick taste, with saved material and reduced the cost. It was the secret withoutrevealing to outside in the past.(this recipe without the permission of the offspring of Family Chi, so cannot be revealed to the public), so it is for the in depth research and earnest study bythe relevant departments for the development and utilization.

Three is for the good sanitation and service with hospitality.Chi Shaoji introduced that, it is important to do good health, choose good rice, do not select the bad meat against conscience (died beef or died pig), rice soaking needs not only floating but also no sour, after a few times of diligently washing rice, and then adding grinding, another one is frequent sterilizing for chopsticks and bowls as well as utensils. Outface of the shop and the tables as well as chairs need diligent scrubbing, which makes guests a kind of comfort once entering into the shop.After customers enter into the store, we should serve the customers with hospitality, which makes the guest kind feeling, thus win more repeat customers.

And then talk about Yingshan unique rice. Zhongdu ancient town is the hometown of fish and rice,and the special Guizhong rice production base.With the excellent geographical water environment, water source of Luoqing River- underground water of Xiaoqiao karst caves for agriculture field’s irrigation, and there is rice of good quality and soft oil as well as fragrance.By suchrice as rice noodles processing raw materials, the processed rice noodles, no matter dry cut rice noodles, soft cut ones or extracted ones, they are equipped with excellent characteristics themselves, namely inherent flavor characteristics of Yingshan rice noodles.

The author thought that, the tourism development of Zhongdu ancient town, in addition to paying attention to the development of natural attractions and historical and cultural attractions, the diet culture also should be highly attached, and we should make the in-depth investigation and summary, develop and inheritthe specialties of progressive losing in the ancient town as good Yingshan rice noodles, the five-layer oil cake of Liang Shiming and the osmanthus inch gold sugar of Zhang Jin, to enhance the brand effect and promote the economic prosperity.