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Tourist Cultural and Gourmet Festival Promotes Well “Harmonious Family Feast” Brand

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Double Harvests of Both Economic and Social Benefits

As one of the highlight of “ About Miraculous Zhongdu ” the Fifth Tourist Cultural and Gourmet Festival Activities, only two days on June 25 and 28 in Zhongdu town, accumulated to arrange nearly 500 ” Family Feast “and received more than 5000 eating guests from all of the world with nearly 200 thousand yuan, achieved the double harvest of both the economic and social benefits.

” Family Feast ” is the special folk customs in Zhongdu, has been one thousand years. It contains the Zhongdu special spiritual values, reflecting Zhongdu people’s creativity.Dishes include spring belly lung soup, refined pine, sweet and sour meatballs, hotch-potch, white chicken, white lemon duck, sweet lotus root, soybean fish larvae, stone pumpkin, acid cucumber, pure rapes and spiced acid basin.Since 2006, taking the opportunity of “Tourist Cultural and Gourmet Festival ” , Zhongdu has focused on the packaging and recommended “Family reunion dinner” dishes, visitors from all over the world compete for ordering to taste the classic cuisine, and the main meeting places are full each year, together with”Family reunion dinner” have become the local people hospitable customs and tourism brand.

Next, Zhongdu town,under the support of County tourism bureau and tourism association, will promote the Town folk custom cultural association and YingShan community to provide service with their best effort, actively cooperate with travel agents, with the platform of Xiangqiao attractions and ancient town tourism service, “bring into” the tourism teams, make visitors taste Zhongdu classical dishes while touring Xiangqiao and ancient town, make ” Family Feast ” become ordered and normal to further expand the tourism industry, and allow people to get more benefits.

It is reported, in order to inherit and expand the excellent traditional culture, Zhongdu actively protects ” Family Feast “, has successfully declared ” Family Feast ” as Liuzhou” the fourth batch of immaterial cultural heritage in April this year.(by Reporter Li Jie)