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Food Court Fully Satisfied Your Taste Buds

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Zhongdu news (by intern reporter Guo Yufang) on July 13, there was a large crowd in the streets of Zhongdu Town and Jiulong Market, they kept cheering, and the “Food Court” activities held here fully satisfied there taste buds.

Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious Zhongdu snacks, such as taro dumplings, light baby bun, oil piles, rice cakes, bunch roast mutton, bunch grilled beef, shredded chicken tofu, beef hot pot, salad, brother old duck soup, Guilin rice noodle, bean jelly etc., allowing visitors to eat happily and enjoy themselves. What if you want to “take” after tasting? Don’t worry. The ecological cold meat, fried intestines, honey, kiwi fruit, lotus seeds, passion fruit, rice flower candy, local eggs and other ecological food materials and native products carefully selected by the local people were on sale on the side to ensure you come on an impulse and go home with satisfaction.

Tourists ate like a horse joyfully in the “Food Court”, and the delicious food on the tip of their tongues led them to endless aftertastes. A visitor repeatedly praised after tasting taro dumplings: “the taro dumplings here are fragrant, crisp and delicious without greasy feeling, making a person want to eat one after another!” She also said that the oil piles, rice cakes, and other special snacks were also delicious. She expressed that she would bring back a little bit of every kind of food for her family and friends to enjoy a good taste of Zhongdu delicacy.