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Investment Environment

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Aviation: The county is far from tourist city Guilin Liangjiang international airport about 120 kilometers, and away Lliuzhou white lotus airport about 40 kilometers by the expressway.

Railway:Nearby Liuzhou railway hub location, the range of Guangxi Luzhai economic development area include Luzhai, Luhua, Luorong, Duiting, Chengnan new district ,etc5 freight handling stations, through Xianggui line, Zhiliuline access to all parts of the country.

Road: The expressway from Guilin to Beihai (thoroughfare to the sea), 323 national secondary roads (to Zhu Jiang Delta channel), 322 national roads, which are join here, the county asphalt road access to all part of the county.

Waterway: Luzhaiguide River Wharf cannavigable 300 – ton ships from Liujiang (Pearl River system) to Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Honkong.

Water Supply: Main stream Luoqin River annual runoff 6.1 billion cubic meters, current county daily water supply capacity of 40000 tons.Guchang River water supply project under preparation, water collecting areas all distribute in the public welfare forest reserves of local county Lagou, Guangxi province. Thoseareas abound in mountain spring water with best quality, and water supply capacity of 400000 tons per year to supply Luzhai, Luorong, and Liudong new district.

Power supply: Electric power rely on large power grid supply, two 110kvsubstation located in the range of Guangxi Luzhai economic development area to supply power to loop circuit. The capacity of 144500 kva transformers set up ready (Luzhai 63000 kva, Luorong 81500 kva). Liudong 5 million kv substation project under preparation, and the capacity of 450000 kvatransformer can guarantee electricity stability in downstream transformer substation. All those facilities resolved future electrical energy issues completely.

Communication: County, village and town support Internet cable bandwidth, cable TV, GSM, CDMA, GPRS and radiophone, etc.

Health: County has two second-class hospitals with wholesome rural health network.

Vocational education: The largest scale county level vocational education center located in Luzhai, Guangxi province——vocational education center of Luzhai County, which set up CNC, mechanical, electrical and electronic and services majors. This education center annually train mechanic talent up to 1500 people to meet the demand for skilled workers in development areas.

Luzhaigovernmentnot only pays attention to hard environmental construction, but also pays more attention to invest soft investment construction, which all present the facet of policy environment and service quality. Government creates loose policy environment and incentive rules to attract foreign enterprises. Government take series measures to service investors such as optimize service environment, simplify working procedures, etc.

The Park Administrative Committee, Investment Promotion Bureau, the administrative examination and approval certificate hall and relevant departments depend on“investors first” concept to provide high quality and efficient, fast “package” service to investors. For key enterprises, the project executesfour team leaders (The communist party of China party committee, People’s Congresses, Government, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). The foreign investors dominate by first asked responsibility system, service commitment system, once notice system, time limit system. According the requirement of “acceptance, fully responsibility, coordinated examination, timely completion” to execute sponsor and department responsibility system. The Luzhai government adopts series of financial support measures for the enterprises making the great contribution to Luzhai economic development. Government contribute annually a certain amount awarded to companies as the development of the enterprise funds, and set up “loans to small enterprises” system to support enterprises development.