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The List of Foreign-funded Industries in Midwest (Guangxi Province) Encouraged by China’s Government

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

(1) Storage, preservation and processing of foods, vegetables, fruits, poultry and livestock products, and aquatic products.
(2) Afforestation and Introduction of improved varieties.
(3) Comprehensive utilization of bamboo resources.
(4) Further processing of rosin.
(5) Aquaculture and its processing.
(6) Comprehensive utilization of saccharose producing.
(7) Construction and management of highway, independent bridges and tunnels. 
(8) Development, construction and management of the hydropower resources.
(9) Exploitation of indium and zinc (no wholly-foreign-ownership allowed)
(10) Enterprise technological transformation in fluoride salt, chlorate and poly phosphate producing.
(11) Development and manufacturing of new electronic components.
(12) Creating of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) village and Manufacturing of half-finished and finished Chinese patent medicine.
(13) Development, construction and management of tourist attractions with facilities.