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Guangxi Silk Industrial Park Development and Investment Attraction Introduction

Date: 2016-10-18            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

1. Project Brief

1.1 Organiser: Guangxi Luzhai County Investment Promotion Bureau

1.2 Contactor: Liu Xiaoyan

Tel:0772-6820039 13237821636


Address: First Floor of Luzhai County Administrative Center Office Building

1.3 Construction address: Silk Industrial Park of Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone

1.4 Basic information of Guangxi Silk Industrial Park

Guangxi Silk Industrial Park is the first Silk Industrial Park of district level silk industrial park in Guangxi,Which is located in the second areas of center Industrial Park in Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone . The total planning area is about 6000 mu with the first phase of the development area of 1500 mu, including twisting, weaving, silk processing zone, heat supply zone, logistics zone and comprehensive service zone Office. The industrial park’s designing is completed by Guangxi industrial designing Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Soochow University silk institute. The park is based on Guangxi region which is the first cocoon areas and covers the whole southern region. According to the development thought of “expanding the space of industry, improving the industrial chain and highlighting the characteristics of industry”, the areas will become the core base of silk processing in southern china. The silk industrial park has entered many enterprises such as Chinese classical silk weaving (Shanghai) limited company, Guangxi SanXie limited company, Liuzhou Jin dalong limited company, Guangxi Luo jiang cocoon Silk limited company and Guangxi San Xie cocoon silk Logistics Trading Center. Total investment in fixed assets has achieved 1.01 billion. The Guangxi silk industrial park infrastructure construction has begun, such as the land leveling, road opening, electricity supplying, water supplying and drainage. Centralized sewage treatment plant is also provided.

1.5The prediction of investment and economic society benefits isas follows:

The total investment is about 35 millon yuan,after being put into operation ,the output value may live up to 85 thousand yuan per year ,the annual taxation will be 42 thousand yuan and theannual profit will be 60 million yuan,the investment payback period will be in 5 or 6 years and there are also5 thousand workers to be needed.

1.6 The way of cooperation: propreitorship,joint venture and cooperation.

1.7 The progressing status of the early phase of works:

The initial 5 hundred mu of land have been requisitted and 2 hundred and eighty mu of land for infrastructure construction which is called “3 opening and 1 leveling” has been completed. LuZhai county is called the silkworm town of China.The silkworm source is quite rich, the mulberry planting area reaches 132.7 thousand dan, and the silkworm cocoon output is 260 thousand dan. Currently the silk reeling production and processing capacity remains the first in Guangxi province.

2. The construction content and scale: a continuous land of 500 mu will be developed on the early phase of this park, which will be focused on the deep processing of mulberry and silkworm cocoon industries, such as twisting, weaving, clothing, knitting, silk spining, hometextile and so on.

3:The marketing prospects for the project: after China’s accession to the WTO and entering into the international competition in the market of silk, China’s silk industry has always enjoyed a high reputation and status in the world. More and more people, especially in recent years, has a favor for Chinese silk goods, the demand of India, southeast Asia, Arab countries, Europe, north and South and other countries or other regions has greatly improved. So the development of silkworm cocoon processing industry will have a great marketing prospect and a great potential. At the same time, along with the general trend of “Mulberry Transfer” from east to west, the transferring enterprises, which are considered to be a silk labor-intensive processing enterprise, has been a foregone conclusion. The mulberry orchard area in the five cities, such as Nanning City, Hechi City, Laibin City, Liuzhou City, and Guigang City, accounts for 83% of the total area in Guangxi, and the output of the fresh cocoon accounting for 88%, gradually forming the three superiority industry belt in southern and northwestern Guangxi ,120 kilometers around the Guangxi Luzhai County , such as Liuzhou City, Guilin City, Laibin City, Xiangzhou County, Liucheng County and the Liujiang County, silkworm resources there are very rich, at present, these countries(counties) cover a total area of 800,000 acres, with an annual output of about 1700,000 Dan of fresh cocoon, and 3400 tons silk, which account for 57% ,58% and 52% of the total of Guangxi respectively. Mulberry field is expected to reach 1200,000 acres, with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons of fresh cocoon at the end of “Eleven five”. Luzhai County, as “the first in Guangxi, the famous in the world” silkworm production base, has the richest cocoon resources, and is expected to rise to 300,000 mu of the mulberry field with over 1.7 million Dan fresh cocoon supply at 2010. So with the mulberry and cocoon resources from the surrounding area, Luzhai County can totally meet the need of the production and development of the enterprises.

4. Ancillary Facility State of the Project

The park zone has an obvious location advantage and convenient transportation.

It is 33KMapart from Liuzhou which is the industry center of Guangxi, 119KM from Guilin which is a famous international traveling city. That has an obvious advantage on transportation, eg. Developed Road, Railway, Waterway. Gui-Hai highway, 322,323 national ways join here; railway junctions are extended to everywhere in China, it has 3 cargo loading and transportation stationsofLuzhai, Luhua and new district of south town, which can be connected to the whole nation by Xiang-Gui line, Qian-Gui line, and Zhi-Liu line; Navigation capacity of waterway is strong which can be linked to in Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong , and it is navigable for the ships over 300 tonnages all the year around. Along with the expansion to the east development strategy of Liuzhou, the advantage of Luzhai transportation is standing out day by day, following the opening of Liudong Avenue and the extension segment from Luorong to Luzhai of Liudong avenue to be constructed, it will offer a superior transportation convenience for projection development.

(2)The industrial park supporting infrastructure is complete with sufficient electric power, abundant water resources, developed communication network; the main road network, electric network and water system have been arranged in the industrial park, it is convenient for taking and draining water, the terrain is plane, the geological and meteorological condition is excellent.

5. Investment Service & Guarantee

The service institutes and agencies of investment attraction promotion bureau, Industrial park management committee, administrative examination and approval service center in Luzhai will offer a “ coordinated process” follow-up service from the early stage of the project initiation, approval, planning, construction to the late production and operation management for the enterprises settled in the park.It makes closed-off management for park zone and offersthe following investment service and guarantee for investors.

1.Commissioned by investors, we will help handle the materials of the projects made item , examination and so on, also help review the business license , tax registration, open an account in a bank, help the enterprises manage land utilization, the construction applying expenses, use of the water and electricity, environmental protection, fire fighting and so on.

2.During the start of the construction project, we are in charge of offering planning and designing, geotechnical investigation ,engineering bid management, construction supervision, besides, we will get on well with development and reform bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, construction bureau, environmental protection bureau ,industrial and commercial bureau and the fire bridge, contributing to the workshop construction.

3.After the project put into production, we will handle the relations outside, help you recruit workers ,induction courses and talent introduction, provide the services of finance, the public security, judiciary, commerce, tax, environmental protection, restaurant entertainment, medical treatment, and sanitation.

6 The preferential policies applicable for the project: the investment projects in the park can not only enjoy the western development national preferential policies, but also enjoy a series of preferential policies to encourage the development of the enterprise of Guangxi, Liuzhou and Luzhai county, additionally they can also enjoy the following privileges:

(1) Flexible price will be made for the land. The land utilization of the park mainly adopts the granting method, the base price of land granting (raw land price) is the cost price, and on the foundation the base price, for the enterprises settled in the park which have large investment scale, high science and technology content, good market prospects and strong taxation creation ability, the land granting price can also be made “One enterprise, One bargaining” .

(2) The preferential tax policy. The taxation object management system will be implemented after the putting into production of the enterprise, and the enterprise whichever has paid the taxation in excess of the object, the county finance bureau will cash the capital rewards.