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Favorable Policies of Investment Promotion in Luzhai County

Date: 2016-10-18 16:41:17            Source:       Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

According to Provisions Relating to Accelerate the Development of Private Economy issued by Luzhai County [2001] No. 27, Provisions Relating to Improving the Soft Environment of Investmentissued by Luzhai County [2001] No.28, Provisions Relating to Encourage Investment and Industry (issued by Luzhai County [2001] No.29) , Supplementary Provisions on Preferential Policies for the Development of Private Economy (issued by Luzhai County [2001] No.44) , Supplementary Provisions Notice on perfecting the Policies of Investment Promotion in Luzhai County (issued by Luzhai County [2003] No.25)Administrative Regulations of Luzhai on Complaints of Foreign -invested Enterprises (issued by Luzhai County [2003] No.40), Luzhai’s Accountability Measures to the Behavior of Preventing improving the environment for investment( issued by Luzhai County[2003] No.41) and other relevant documents, Luzhai’s investment policy now categorized as follows:

Land Policy

I. The industrial enterprises, which can satisfy the following conditions, will have the right to enjoy the “free premium”——a land premium concessions policy. Here are the conditions:

i. Requisition less than land and settle in our county.

ii. The real part of taxes paid to county treasury each year is greater than 200 million (including $ 2.0 million),

iii. Less than 50 acres of land.

Before entering the implementation of the enterprise, according to the relevant favorable policies of our county, about incentives, all the land price of the land shall be paid in advance. After the business operation, returned to the county within three years from fiscal reality was part of the enterprise, to compensate for all land premium, special project implementation, “a business a meeting.”

II.Investors will be arranged prioritized in the construction site and investment land. Without affecting the urban planning of the premise,investors can choose by themselves.

III. Investors can engage in land development, obtain land use rights legally, on the basis of city planning level land and construct basic public facilities construction (such as water supply, electricity, roads, communications etc.). Development and construction can be carried out independently.

IV.As required by law, investors can acquire the use rights of state-owned land, use it until the maximum term ends and apply for renewal when it expires. During theuse period, the land can be used for personal use or joint ventures, it can also be lawfully transferred, leased, mortgaged, inherited or engaged in business activities.

V. Investors, which will set upproductive projectsinCounty CenterIndustrial Parkor industrial park oftownship (town) and use idlestock ofnew construction sitesorconstruction sites, can enjoy freeadministrative feesand half the laborcharges. But investorsshould payfor national, regionaltaxes,land compensationof farmersand deed, farmlandoccupancy tax andland premium.

VI.If it is approved, the foreign enterprises, which will set upproductive projectsoutside the county and industrial park of township (town) can gain 50% of retained part of the county subsidies in 1-3 years according to land use tax, land value-added tax. If enterprises occupy farmland,50% of farmland occupation tax subsidies will be given to them. According to the different types of land use, will enterprises be given promotions in transferring fund of land andland occupancy charge:

I.The enterprise, which is export-oriented and its export enterprises accounted for more than 80% the amount of production that year, will get 100 percent return of the county retained portion for the technological transformation of subsidiesafter contributing the land premium andbe exempted from land occupancy charge in 10 years.

ii The enterprise, whichconstructs ports, transportation, energy and other infrastructure, markets and tourism, will get 50% of the land premium subsidies retained part of the countyafter contributingtransferring fund of land and be exempted from land occupancy chargein 15 years.

iii.The enterprise, whichoperates industry or warehousing, will get 30% retained part of the county subsidies after contributing the land premium and be exempted from land occupancy chargein 10 years.

iv. The enterprise, whichoperates commerce or service industry, will get 20% retained part of the county subsidies after contributing the land premium and be exempted from land occupancy chargein 5 years.

VII.When investors lease the stock of rented land in the county enterprise or rent idle plant, they can confer with lessoron the rental and are be exempted from land occupancy charge. If the enterprise engages productive projects, it can be also exempted from land benefit payments.

VIII.Management fee of the new expropriatedland will be levied 2% of the total land compensation fee; land development fee of real estate development companies and industrial enterprises will be charged 50% of the total (in CCB settlement date); real estate development by the total labor will be charged 1.5% of total; soil erosion fees, real estate land acquisition and labor costs will be halved.

1.Financial subsidies and charging regulations

I.The Investors, which construct productive project, small towns ancillary fees, big county urban infrastructure supporting fees and education surcharge are exempt.

II. Investment in real estate development and construction ofthe new areain the county, small town sancillary fees and county urban infrastructure supporting large fees shall be charged by70%.

III.industrial enterprise project planningservice fees reduced from 2 ‰ to 1 ‰ oftotal income, budget fixedmanagement fee charge 1 ‰ against total workload, construction engineering quality supervision fee reduce from4 ‰to 2‰.

IV.The external enterprise hydropower capacity fee will be charged.

V.All charges collectable should comply with Luzhai CountyAdministrativeOrgans and InstitutionsChargeHandbook“, if there is a range of thecharges should according tothe minimum standard charges.All charges bills are using uniform regulations from Financial sector. .For Unauthorized fees, investmentcompanieshave the right torefuse to pay, and to report to thecountybureau.

VI.The enterprise, which sets up high-tech projects in our county, in addition to enjoying national, regional, Liuzhou relevant preferential policies, if the projects are national high-tech projects, will be exempted from mainly county fees( including real estate development costs, land management fees, real estate land acquisition and labor , small towns ancillary fees, county urban infrastructure supporting large fees etc.) in the construction period. After the projects put into operation, the county and township (town) financial will give subsidy in 5 years, which is created by the enterprise and part of the tax amount of its grade: the first 3 years 50%, the fourth and fifth years 30%; If the projects are confirmed by autonomous commission of science and technology the high-tech projects, the enterprise will be free from primarycounty fees in the construction. After the projects put into operation, the county and township (town) financial will give subsidy, which is created by the enterprise and part of the tax amount of its grade in 3 years: the first two years of 50%, the third year 30%.

VII.All of the tourism projects, which are invested more than 10 million Yuan, 100%of the taxes that wascontributed to the countywill be subsidies to the enterprise as enterprise development fund, during 10 years after the projects put into operation.

VIII.Every enterprise, which invests more than 500,000 RMB to tourism project or sets up a professional wholesale market with more than 5 million investment, will get subsidies after the project is completed and starts within three years. The subsidies are from the new tax, whichthe countyhas received. The subsidies will be given in this way: first year 50%, then 20% in the second and third years.

IX.Investors, which purchase the county-owned, collective industrial and commercial property rights, if the amount of assets is more than 2 million yuan, approved by the county government can pay in installments. And administrative fees (except nominal fee) will be free; besides labor charges will be halved.

X. Entities or individuals inside and outside the region with their scientific research, patents, proprietary technology and other intellectual property as investment are encouraged to equity to set up technology enterprises and obtain legal income.

Ⅺ.For the external enterprise implement the “Local Fiscal Incentive System” ,all the external enterprises pay tax of the year belong to the local fiscal revenue and increase over the previous year, the amount of 20% of new increment as a business development fund award to enterprises. The procedure:the enterprises submit the report and annual report to County Investment Promotion and Development of Private Economy Service Center, and the relevant departments will proceed to do preliminary review, and then issue by the county people’s government at last.

Ⅻ The new start-up industrial enterprises in our county can enjoy the following benefits:

1. The processing enterprises that one-time investment of 5 million yuan above, such as silk, gardenia yellow pigment, beef deep processing, green grain and agricultural products (include chufa, turnip, arrowhead, yam, fruit, vegetable etc.), the first three years of taxes paid by part of the local revenue of 100%, after two years at 50% subsidy to businesses as enterprise development fund.

2. Investment in auto parts industry enterprises, the first two years of taxes paid by part of the local revenue of 100%, after one year at 50% subsidy to businesses as enterprise development fund.

3. New start-up enterprises within three years, if the pay tax belongs to the part of local fiscal revenue and reach 10-50 ten thousand yuan in those days, and then the county finance at 25% to supply enterprise as an enterprise development fund. The county finance at 35% and 45% to supply respectively to the enterprise if the pay tax reach 51-100 ten thousand yuan and above 1.01 million yuan.

4. For export-oriented enterprises, the export products sales reach more than 50% of the enterprise or product sales of high-tech enterprises in those days, according to the reduction of enterprise income tax and return after the expiry of the prescribed by the state, and compared with new start-up enterprises to enjoy preferential policies and extend two years.

ⅩⅢ New start-up mineral exploration and mining enterprises, according to the national regulation to pay resource tax, the locally retained portion, by the same level finance at 50% to supply enterprise for three years.

ⅩⅣ Businessmen invest the original enterprise and then expanded reproduction (part of fixed assets) in this county, the taxes paid for expanded reproduction parts, which can enjoy the same preferential policies with new start-up enterprises.

Ⅲ, Industrial policy

If the industrial enterprises enter the industrial park, in addition to enjoy preferential policies of the state, autonomous regions, Liuzhou city similar enterprises, also can enjoy preferential as follows:

(Ⅰ) Land preferential policies

The productive projects of new building or extending require land expropriation, in addition to pay part taxes of the country, the autonomous region (mainly new construction land use fees, land reclaiming fare) farmers land acquisition compensation “three fee” and the deed tax, farmland occupancy tax,land-transferring fees, and also it will be exempted from administrative charges, and service fees, the intermediary service fees and operational charges charged by half according to the minimum operating fees. Establishment of manufacturing industrial projects use idle land enterprises, which can be adopted more preferential land price policies to be exempted from the relevant fees, the specific price and payment method according to the following provisions:

1. Land implement flexible price.Industrial park land use would give priority to the land-transfer, the benchmark land price of land transfer (prices) at 50,000 yuan per mu, land price can offer 15-20% on the basis of the benchmark price on the condition that the enterprise with large investment, high-tech, good market prospects and strong taxes ability, which review and approval by industrial park management committee leading group.

2. Land in industrial part can installment payment, enterprises pay 50% of the land transfer price after sign the land use transfer contract or agreement, and the rest part will be pay off before the deal with land use certificate.

(Ⅱ) Financial Support Policy

1. The enterprises in the industrial park not only enjoy the tax breaks according to the national regulation, and also enough another 5% discount on the basis of Luzhaicounty encourage enterprises to develop financial support policy.

2. For the complete duty drawback document of export rebates business, Luzhai county State Tax Bureau will approve within one month after the enterprises declaration. The insufficient tax rebates manage by the bank loans, and interest subsidies grant by the county finance.

(Ⅲ) Other Policies

1. The enterprises in the industrial park implement after tax no fee system. County administrative planning cost is full free, and the central, provincial, municipal relevant fees will be settled by the management committee of the industrial park.

2. The industrial park executes “sealed” management, any unit or individual has no rights to check enterprises without industrial park management committee agree.

3. Setting up the credit guarantee system of SMEs. According to the requirements of enterprise management and market action, to provide loan guarantee service for the small and medium-sized enterprise. Enterprise will submit application after the completion land procedures, and real estate management department will handle land use permits, building permits, meantime, financial department through land and housing as mortgage to provide the mortgage loan for the small and medium-sized enterprise.

4. For foreign-invested enterprise, there is no limit for export proportion, the enterprise can determine and adjust the product proportion according to market demand both at home and abroad.

5, Simplify approval procedures and improve efficiency. Generally, enterprise in the industrial park doesn’t need approval of feasibility study report l, and only need project book. The approval of feasibility study report is necessary need when especially apply for more preferential policy project.

The procedures of examination and approval belongs to the county, County Development Plan Bureau, Economic and Trade Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Construction Bureau, Land Resources Bureau, Environmental Protection agency, Fire Brigade, water and power supply examination and approval authority to implement “a center” office. Generally, those authorities will review and approve all documents within 7 workdays after receive material submit by enterprise. If report need to report to superior authorities for approval within three workdays for examination and approval. Necessary charge fees according to the relevant regulations, which all at the lowest standard charge and handle by the project office (except for the collection of taxes and fees of tax, industry and commerce department).

Ⅳ, other Policies

(Ⅰ) New start-up private enterprises apply for registration to the commerce and industry department of jurisdiction, then can do trial operation half a year according to different situations. Special industry, restricted industry and other industries need approval by the relevant departments first before operation. These industries can do the trial operation after approved and all kinds of charges and fees shall be exempted during the trial operation.

(Ⅱ) Investment enterprises in the county inside and outside own fixed assets more than 50000 yuan or annual pay duty more than 50000 yuan, will as a county key enterprises protect object. If enterprises have mentioned conditions then can be issued “enterprise preferential card “, then special protection for key investment enterprises shall be offered.

Ⅲ Investors can be in all walks of life to invest the business activities by the national laws and regulations permit, also can take a shares, holding, merger, purchase a variety of forms to participate in the reform, restructuring and reorganization of state-owned and collective enterprises in order to enjoy the related preferential policies.

Ⅳ The county finance bureau arranges certain amount of capital annually to support the self-employed people and private enterprise to start new project and enlarge scale, implements compensated usage system, and opens special acount in county finance in order to make the fixed sum for specified purpose.

Ⅴ If administrative law-enforcement organs implement inspections to the enterprises’ production and management activities, they have to report to county investment service center in advanced. They will carry out the inspection after approval, and inspection shall not interfere with enterprises’ normal production, management and living order.

Ⅵ The external investment enterprises in our county, if there are one of the following actions and events happen, then can complain to the external investment enterprise service center: One is their legitimate rights and interests are violated; second one is the relevant departments and their staffs have exceeded theirs powers or disciplinary violations, or fails to perform the duties, delay, mutual shuffle, injustice; three one is the disputes and other disputes occurred during the performance of the investment contract, agreement and regulation.

Ⅶ County investment promotion service center is responsible for dealing with external investors such as project examination and approval, land use planning and other procedures, and assist external companies, enterprises in the county to coordinate and solve water supply, power supply, land requisition and other relevant aspects issues.

Ⅷ County administrative examination and approval service center is responsible for investors to deal with all kinds of examination and approval and registration items, provide “YiMenShi” registration service to investors, and investors only need to provide the relevant material to handle all the formalities.

Ⅸ If the external investors have fixed assets more than 150,000 yuan, more than two years in operation or pay tax annul more than 10,000 yuan, and also have stable and legal residences can apply the town HuKou for transactor, spouse and minor children to the local public security department in order to exempt the city-supplementing fee, meantime, enterprises enjoy the same treatment operation where the residents in enrollment of their children and business preferential policies and other aspects. For the minor children don’t handlelocal HuKou of the permanent residence, they can enjoy treatment of local resident population go to school (neighborhood school) after approved by the county investment leading group.

Ⅹ The self-employed and private enterprise kept an out-of-county business license, which can change to local business license by the original one. And also, they can enjoy the same treatment operation where the residents in enrollment of their children and business preferential policies and other aspects.

Ⅺ Private enterprise investors and its employees, with state-owned, collective enterprise employees enjoy equal political treatment and relevant treatment.

All external investors in the county can enjoy all above mentioned policies.