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Kuang Qu’s Resume

Date: 2016-10-24 15:30:46            Source: 县政府办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]


  Kuang Qu (male, Han nationality, born in March 1970, university graduation, a native of Nanhai, Guangdong Province) started work in July 1992 and joined the Communist Party of China in November 2001, at present he holds the position of Deputy Secretary of CPC Luzhai County Committee and County Chief.

  September 1988-July 1992  Studied Materials Management major in the department of material management of Beijing Wuzi University;

  July 1992-October 1994  Deputy Chief of Management Section in Hongwei Foreign Commercial Enterprise Material Trade Company of Foshan City Materials Group Company of Guangdong Province;

  October 1994-December 1997  Deputy Manager of Nonferrous Metals Company of Liuzhou City Building Materials Cooperation;

  December 1997-June 1999  Section member of Minerals and Building Materials Industry Office of Liuzhou City Economic and Trade Commission;

  June 1999-February 2002   Deputy Director of EIC Office of Liuzhou City Economic and Trade Commission (at the meantime: September 2001- November 2001  Studied in Liuzhou City 10th Young and Middle-aged Cadres Training Class); 

  February 2002-July 2002   Deputy Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Office of Liuzhou City Economic and Trade Commission;

  July 2002-September 2004   Section Chief of Power Section of Liuzhou City Economic Committee (Section chief rank awarded in July 2002);

  September 2004-August 2006  Section Chief of Energy Industry Section of Liuzhou City Economic Committee;

  August 2006-November 2006    Section Chief of the Fourth Secretariat of Liuzhou City Government Office;

  November 2006-April 2010  Section Chief of the Sixth Secretariat of Liuzhou City Government Office;

  April 2010-January 2011   Section Chief of the First Secretariat of Liuzhou City Government Office;

  January 2011-February 2011   Party Member of Liuzhou City People’s Government Office;

      February 2011-August 2011   Party Member and Deputy Director of General Office of Liuzhou City People’s Government Office (Probation period: one year);

  August 2011-February 2012   Deputy Secretary, Office Party Member and Deputy Director of General Office of Liuzhou City People’s Government (Probation period: one year);

  February 2012-December 2014  Deputy Secretary, Office Party Member and Deputy Director of General Office of Liuzhou City People’s Government;

  December 2014-April 2016   Councilor, Member of Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of CPC Luzhai County Committee;

  May 2016-August 2016  Deputy Secretary and Acting County Chief of CPC Luzhai County Committee;

  August 2016-Up to now  Deputy Secretary and County Chief of CPC Luzhai County Committee.