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Exchange Exhibition for China (Guangxi) Graphene Innovative Achievements was Held in Our County

Date: 2017-11-16 10:22:33            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on this site (Reporter Wang Wenshuang) On November 10, 2017, Exchange Exhibition for China (Guangxi) Graphene Innovative Achievements was held in the Culture and Art Center of our county. It is aimed at setting up an exchange and cooperation platform for domestic and international outstanding scientists and enterprisers in the fields of graphene material, other two-dimension materials, carbon nano tube etc., cultivating professionals in the graphene field and guiding industries settlement in Guangxi through project road show development.

  Li Yichun, the member of National New Material Industry Development Expert Consultative Committee, the Secretary General of China Graphene Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Na Xiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and deputy chairman of the association of science & technology of the autonomous region, Pan Feng, deputy director of Industrial and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region, Gan Xiangqun, deputy director of Special Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the CPPCC Autonomous region, Liang Hong, deputy chairman of the association of science & technology of the autonomous region, council of Chemistry and Chemical Industry Society of Guangxi, Liang Chunhua, deputy chairman of the association of science & technology of the autonomous region, An Wei, Liuzhou Vice Mayor, Liu Shengyou, secretary of the County Committee, Kuang Qu, County Chief and relevant leaderships from various cities have participated the roadshow.

  While making a speech on the launch ceremony of the exchange exhibition, Na Xiang pointed out that development of graphene industry is an important direction of cultivating strategic emerging industries in China. In recent years, the autonomous region pays great attention on graphene industry development. It has come out Special Operations Program of Promotion of Guangxi Industrial Transformation and Upgrading, Work Program of Guangxi Graphene Industry Development successively, clearly put forward to keep graphene industry as an important cultivating and developing strategic emerging industry in Guangxi. Through introduction of "Guangxi scholars" talents and cultivation program, it has attracted numerous high-level talents including graphene field to settle and develop in Guangxi.    

  For scientific research of graphene in the whole region, it has declared and owned dozens of invention patents and published more than hundred research papers cumulatively. Our county positively develops industry-study-research cooperation, introduces expert teams, solidly advance development of graphene application products and product promotion, develops accurate investment of graphene industry, intensifies communication with graphene enterprises, promotes completion of project signing. The graphene industry in the whole region is in good development trend.   

  Na Xiang pointed out that Liuzhou is the biggest industrial city in Guangxi. It has gathered three pillar industries of automobile, steel, machinery, four competitive industries of chemistry, building material, food, textile etc., strategic emerging industries of new energy automobile, energy conservation and environment protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biology, pharmacy etc., cultivated and introduced a batch of famous influential enterprises at home and abroad such as Liugong and Liuzhou Steel etc., having good foundation of combining with graphene industry. 

  According to industry advantages of Liuzhou, Guangxi has focused on cultivating a batch of innovative graphene core enterprises, driven new material industry development with innovation, tried to create key graphene industries of Liuzhou. As one of the counties under Liuzhou, Luzhai County is an important automobile accessory base in Liuzhou and also an important market factor for graphene industry development. In recent years, Luzhai insists on innovation-drive-development strategy, vigorously develops new materials and energy conservation and environment protection materials through technology innovation, talent introduction and industry cultivation.

  Regarding graphene industry development, Luzhai has successfully introduced and cooperated with a batch of excellent enterprises, introduced modified graphene EPS project, modified graphene EPP project under construction which are the first batch of industrialized application projects of graphene industry in Guangxi. Next, Luzhai will positively create graphene new material industry base. After completion of the project, it will effectively drive development of local industry chain and cultivate new economic growth point.

  Na Xiang hopes that the enterprises from various cities, counties and parks take this opportunity, timely turn the contest achievements into motive force of promoting healthy development of graphene industry, accelerate steps of cultivating and developing graphene industry and create graphene industry into the new business card for industry transformation and upgrading. Meanwhile, more merchants are welcomed to come to Guangxi for sightseeing, investment and development, and creating better future together with people in Guangxi. 

  On the same day, 15 competitive events from home and abroad carried out roadshows successfully. Each competitive team and player show their highlights, practicability and expansibility to everybody with strength and passion.

  Pan Feng made a summary statement for the roadshow activity. He thought that the roadshow activity presented a high level, wide range, big scale, good effect and brilliant feast of science and technology. He hoped everybody to hold this rare opportunity of study, exchange and cooperation, facilitate development of graphene material project, effectively promote application and development of graphene new material and accelerate collaborative innovation and sharing cooperative results through the platform of event roadshow.