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The Crossbred Wild Boars of Our County “Jumped” onto Common People’s Dining-tables

Date: 2017-12-06 16:06:24            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Crossbred wild boars.

  Daojiang News (reporter Yang Jiqiang) On December 2, in Luzhai County Yesen Rear Livestock Specialized Cooperatives of Guangsheng Tun, Daojiang Village, Daojiang Town, the reporters saw more than 600 crossbred wild boars, big and small, jumping around on over 60 mu of the mountains. At present, Luzhai County Yesen Rear Livestock Specialized Cooperatives has successfully crossbred the boars of wild boars with local black pigs to breed second-generation crossbred wild boars and formed scale of breeding.

  On the same day, Huang Susheng, the boss of Luzhai County Yesen Rear Livestock Specialized Cooperatives, killed a crossbred wild boar, which had been bred nearly 17 months. Its meat was fresh and tender with aromatic flavour, and the lean meat percentage came up to above 65%. The same day Huang Susheng cooked several tables of crossbred wild boar meat, the diners praised the crossbred wild boar meat fragrant and delicious while they put them in their mouths.

  Huang Susheng introduced that the crossbred wild boars that they raised on the mountains farm were allowed to run around the mountains farm at random. They were only fed on two meals of corn seeds, vines of sweet potatoes or napiergrass, and never fed on industrial feeds At present, the crossbred wild boars (live pig) of the cooperatives sell for 50 yuan per kilogram.