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Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration Base Settled in Luzhai

Date: 2018-01-26 08:35:11            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Awarding and signing ceremony.

  Luzhai News on the site (reporter Chen Zhiliang) on January 18, annual meeting of 2017 Award Ceremony for Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Graphene Industry and Chinese Graphene Industrial Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance was held in Beijing so as to lead the direction of graphene industrial development for China and even for the whole world. At the meeting, Luzhai county and other 11 places had been awarded “ Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration Base”, which indicated “ Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration Base” officially settled in Guangxi.  

  Na Xiang, chairman of association for science and technology of autonomous region, Liu Shengyou, secretary of the county party committee, Zhang Jianhua, member of the standing committee of the county party committee and director of the office of the county party committee, and Cheng Zhao, deputy county magistrate, attended the related activities.

  The construction of Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration base is aimed at implementing several suggestions of three ministries and commissions on accelerating graphene industrialization, focusing on industry transformation and upgrading, weaponry development, people’s livelihood well-being improvement, establishing characteristic new industrialization industrial demonstration base with graphene as the target, and formulating graphene industrial development strategy programming for local government, establishing industrial service platform, holding forum and competition activities for innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.

  Cheng Zhao received the awarding of “Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration Base” on behalf of Luzhai County.

  In recent years, Luzhai County comprehensively have speeded up the development of Liuzhou supporting industries and undertaking industries transfer in the eastern coastal regions, insisted in the innovation-driven development strategy, and vigorously developed emerging industry such as new material, energy conservation and environment protection by technological innovation, talent introduction, industry cultivation, forming a new industrialization road of innovation upgrading. In November 2017, 2017 Chinese (Guangxi) Graphene Innovative Products Exchanging Exhibition was successfully held in Luzhai County, Luzhai County successfully signed 8 graphene high-tech industrial projects. At present, Luzhai County has introduced four industrialization application projects, such as preparation of graphene powder, lubricating series products of graphene, graphene modified EPS and graphene modified EPP. This time Luzhai county was awarded “Graphene Industrial Application Demonstration Alliance Base”, which will further promote the graphene industry development in Luzhai County, Liuzhou City and even Guangxi, promoting graphene technology promotion and application and boosting Guangxi related industrial chain development.