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Going the Whole Hog by a Blueprint

—Seeking practice of "Multi-rules-in-one" reform in our county

Date: 2018-04-02 09:00:42            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]


Since our county was successfully chosen as trial county of Guangxi “Multi-rules-in-one” in December 2015, our county has positively promoted the exploration and practice of " Multi-rules-in-one" reform, scientifically allocated the resource of land, timberland, funds etc., focused on solving the problem of system and mechanism, and accelerated the modernization of government governance system and governance ability in accordance with the thinking of coordinating efforts all over the county as on a single chessboard, which gave full play to demonstration, breakthrough and leading for overall importance reformation from the pilot projects.

Taking on responsibilities as sacred mission

Everything has its rules, otherwise nothing can be accomplished. “Multi-rules-in-one” is “the rule among the rules” of integrating, coordinating and commanding various aspects of planning in current economic social development.

“Multi-rules-in-one” is the important measures to promote economic social development planning, town and country planning, land utilization planning etc. to link up with each other, to optimize urban and rural spatial arrangement, to facilitate economical and intensive utilization of land, to rationalize management function of planning space, to accelerate the innovation of planning system, and to enhance administrative efficiency of the government.

At present, overall plan and regulatory detailed planning of our county has covered the county and all townships, the rate of coverage of rural planning reached to 75%. In addition, our county is putting in place pilot projects of national smart city, of which includes the establishing work of service platform such as public database system, cooperative system of multi-rules integration, laying the foundations for implementing "Multi-rules-in-one " reform.


While Guangxi was promoting " Multi-rules-in-one " reform in the pilot projects in county territory of the whole region,  sighting naturally be turned to Luzhai—a county that always has reformation gene and dares to overcome difficulties.

“Deploying Chessboard”- One blueprint of the whole county

Without the reform of “Multi-rules-in-one”, it is impossible for Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone to achieve the current development results.

Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone, covering with an area of 1282.51 hectare, has tens of land “fighting” with each other before construction. A land has several kinds of “Identity”, such as basic farmland, timberland and urban construction land.

“Because the land status is unable to explain clearly, the use of the land is in dispute over trifles. ” Implementing the reform of “Multi-rules-in-one” has completely solved the development difficulties in the economic development zone, now Luzhai Economic Development Zone has become a park settled in 105 enterprises.

All the time, various kinds of planning conflict and “fight” has become the universal problems of restricting social economic development. In December 2015, the pilot projects of “Multi-rules-in-one” reform in the Luzhai county territory has been listed into the account book of Guangxi comprehensive deepening reform. Our county decided to plan and construct the whole county as city-wide development in the urban district of Liuzhou City. According to the thinking of “ A board of chess” of the whole county, our county has completed Overall Planning of Luzhai County, Planning Drawing of Luzhai County (key zones for development) Space and spatial planning of main functional areas, the red lines of ecological protection, urban systems, land utilization, etc., and is drawing to form the Base Map of Space Planning Of Luzhai County (In 2030), drawing a blueprint for Luzhai overall development.

On the blueprint, our county has carded and solved the problems of various kinds of lands, timberland, construction, conservation areas of the source of drinking water, and overlapping of the boundary between basic farmland and township development, eliminated the “fighting” conflicts between various planning, and delimited control lines such as main functional division and the red lines of ecological protection, control lines of timberland, control lines of basic farmland, and border line of development, forming scientific arrangement of production, livelihood, ecological space.

Forcing the government to promote its efficiency reversely

Benefiting from simplified administrative verification and approval, the Graphene project of Liuzhou Qinglu High-Tech Investment Center only took half of a year to complete the workshop starting from site selection.

“In the past, it will take at least one year to complete the project at the same designed size. The reform of administrative approval system has taken preemptive market opportunity.” Person in charge of Liuzhou Qinglu High-Tech Investment Center said with satisfaction.

Taking the maximum limit of simplified administrative verification and approval as the core problem of Multi-rules-in-one” reform to promote, the government was forced to transform its function reversely. Luzhai County carried out the reform of verification and approval system such as assess and review in district replace assess and review single project and so on, making the administrative verification and approval to further “thin” and become a reality.

In recent years, our county put the items requiring administrative review in order on its own initiative and optimized the procedure of handling affairs. Through the measures of “Integrating process, accepting one case in one department, examining and approving in coordination, sharing information, and concluding the matters in limit time”, the preliminary of verification and approval was diminished, the limit time of verification and approval was shortened, the real meaning of multiple verification and approval has been realized. A project can be speed up to above 80% from setting up the project to come into operation, the institutional transaction costs of a enterprise have been greatly reduced. Meanwhile, by means of the reform of “Multi-rules-in-one”, our county constantly explored and innovated on promoting streamline administration and delegating power, integrating delegation with management, and optimizing service, pushing “Delegating, managing and servicing” to a deep-going way.

In addition, our county is planning to introduce an implementation plan of carrying out “Examination and approval without meeting” in the complete procedure of internet and will implement it at an appropriate time.

    Through multi-field and multi-level top-level design, the reform of “Multi-rules-in-one” in Luzhai has promoted the innovation of governance system and the improvement of governance ability, realizing the transformation of the development mode.

    By Yang Jiqiang