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Deepening Medical System Reform to Solve the Difficulty of Getting Medical Service

Date: 2018-04-11 10:14:47            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on this site (Correspondent Gu Fanjun) The problem of “Difficulty of Getting Medical Service, High Cost of Getting Medical Treatment” to the common people has already become hot spots, focal points and livelihood issues concerned by the whole society. In recent years, our county has always persisted in problem-orientated and strived to promote medical system reform, especially since the 18th Communist Congress of The Communist Party of China, our county has further deepened the work of medical system reform and effectively promoted the equitable development of basic public medical and heath care service, making the common people enjoy the benefit of the reform in the serious diseases treatment and daily health security.  

  He Yulan, an internist of the county people’s hospital, has been engaged in medical work for more than 20 years, and she is often faced with acute and critical patients whose main clinical manifestation is acute chest pain, but due to previous limited conditions and the poor passageway for transferring treatment, some patients missed good opportunities of treatment, which make He Yulan heartbroken extremely. But now it turn good, because the county people’s hospital and the municipal people’s hospital organized the Chest Pain Center in August this year, which greatly shortens the time of diagnosis and treatment and hospital stay for patients and also reduces unnecessary inspection charges.

  He Yulan said that the patients in their department were acute and critical patients who were critically ill with heart-lung and aorta, the emergency treatment time was very valuable. In the past, it took about 50 minutes for doctor from diagnosis to open infarction related arteries, after the Chest Pain Center was established, it only needed 20 minus from the doctors' office visiting to open infarction related arteries, which shortened about 30 minus and won the precious time and opportunities for treatment of the acute and critical patients. And these results all benefited from the establishment of “Close-knit medical treatment alliance”.

  In April this year, municipal people’s hospital and the county people’s hospital not only established the Chest Pain Center and realized fast diagnosis and remote diagnosis of refractory disease after they formed the Close-knit medical treatment alliance, but also accredited over 10 different disciplines of experts to the hospital for a long time to participate in treatment activity such as being in clinic, teaching, ward round of doctor, surgical demonstrations in accordance with the demands of the county people’s hospital, and gradually introduced the treatment technology and projects suitable for the county people’s hospital to carry out. Only a few months, they help the hospital to carry out more than 10 new project technology, such as  APC treatment of erosive gastritis and gastritis polypectomy through gastroscope, gastrointestinal mucosal tumor resection through endoscope, pericardiocentesis, which has filled in gaps of the hospital.

  Establishment of close-knit medical treatment alliance also opened a green passageway of two-way referral so as to make some difficult miscellaneous diseases or critical patients get timely and effective medical treatment smoothly and effectively, it avoids delay the right moment of treatment and really realizes first treatment and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment to the grass-roots units. After close-knit medical treatment alliance came true, the business amount of the hospital rose rapidly. In the first half of this year, the number of outpatient increased by 1% and the number of inpatient increased by 4%, the transfer treatment rate decreased by 39.83%, business income increased by 8.9%, the patient satisfaction of the hospital reached to 99.62%.     

  The improvement of patient satisfaction of the hospital also reflects the actual effect achieved from the health care reform of our county. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, our county has striven to promote health care system transform and constantly increased finance investment. Our county not only established close-knit medical treatment alliance to realize serious illness treatment in the county, but also established family doctor signing service and resident health record management service. It effectively promoted equitable development of essential public health service and continuous improvement of medical health service system, even abolished the outdated system of supporting hospital with medicine. From January to May this year, three county-level public hospital’s drug income accounted for 25.52% of its business income, income structure of the hospitals is transformed from drug as compensation into the medical treatment income as the principal thing, it effectively abolished the old system of “supporting hospital with medicine” and practically abated the burden in medical service.