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Lagou: Welcome to “The Small Township of Bamboo Shoots”

Date: 2018-06-20 16:53:51            Source: 拉沟乡      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Lagou Township abounds in bamboo shoots.

  In China, bamboo shoots have been regarded as “Treasure in Dishes” since ancient times.

  Bamboo shoots need to grow in moist, loose, fertile and porous solid. Lagou Township can provide a good growing environment for growth of bamboo shoots with warm and humid climate and flourishing bamboo forest. And now it is just a good time to eat bamboo shoots in spring.

  There are a great variety of bamboo shoots in spring in the township, such as white-tailed bamboo shoots, red-tailed bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots of phyllostachys pubescens, bamboo shoots of phyllostachys sulphurea, or what have you. Eating bamboo shoots frequently have the effects of appetizing and strengthening spleen, reducing weight and decreasing blood sugar for its lower content of fat and starch.

  In recent years, Lagou Township actively adjusted the industrial structure and strived to develop characteristic economy of underwood. The township has successfully started up the establishment of “The Small Township of Bamboo Shoots”, which can make the annual output of bamboo shoots reach more than 6 million jin, and was publicized by special subject shoot in CCTV Finance Channel, a sales exhibition of Lagou bamboo shoots was more than 10 times in various e-Commerce and Farmers' Fair, 5 sour bamboo shoots workshops has been built, with an annual output of sour bamboo shoots of 2.3 million jin.

  Lagou bamboo shoots are natural, wild, sweet, fresh and crisp, we invite you to have a taste of what is just in season. (correspondent Chen Xiao)