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“Four Tales One by One” Played a Symphony of Characteristic Tourism

Date: 2018-06-20 16:58:18            Source: 鹿寨县旅发局      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on this site (correspondent Chen Pan) In the past year, Luzhai County closely centered on the target of constructing a famous tourist county with Guangxi characteristics and striven to implement the project of “Famous County with Cultural Tourism”. Luzhai County had 3011.6 thousand tourist arrivals yearly, with year-on-year growth of 28.24%, total consumption of tourism was 2.694 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 45.24%, making Liuzhai County successfully to be selected to be founding county of famous tourist counties with Guangxi characteristics.

  Acting in a planning opera exactly. Our county insisted on high standard planning with high starting point of construction to work out the Tourism Development Planning, such as Tourism Development “Thirteenth Five-Year” Planning of Luzhai County, Overall Planning of Rural Tourism Development, Overall Planning of Constructing National 5A-level Tourist Attractions in Zhongdu·Xiangqiao Tourist Area, Implementary Plan of Constructing National 4A Tourist Attractions in YoYo Luming Grape Industry Demonstration Zone, Overall Planning of Shangchawan Tourist Resort, and Overall Planning of Yuedaohu Holiday Resort. According to the idea of “Global tourism + Large tourism industry”, our county comprehensively advanced panoramic layout of tourism planning and explored tourism large pattern of “One brook, One river, and Two forests”, “One town, One song, and Two parks” and “One city, One lake, and Three parks”.

  Singing a brand opera loudly. Our county implemented the marketing mix strategies of Luzhai tourism, and took meticulous care of a batch of boutique route products, such as leisure tour in a small archaic town with Zhongdu karst landscape, Lagou primeval ecological recreational travel, Zhaisha hakka cultural leisure experience travel, and Luzhai Town modern agricultural recreational travel. Through multiple modes including media marketing, promotion by policy, special campaign, advertisement delivery, etc., Luzhai tourism’s new image and new product routes on every ways were popularized. Meanwhile, leveraging tourism festival activities such as Surrounding Guangxi Roads - Bicycle World Tour, Zhongdu Half Marathon, Luzhai Grape Cultural Festival and Zhongdu “May 28” Folk Cultural Festival, and “About Magical Zhongdu” Tourism Cultural Food Festival, the popularity and influence of Luzhai tourism was improved. Our County organized and participated in large-scale tourism  promotion seminars and exposition held in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places and strived to develop the tourism market outside of Guangxi.

  Singing an industrial opera well. Our county meticulously schemed “Five as a batch” construction projects for tourist industry with the content of boutique scenic area, new operational types, boutique routes, featured commodity and leading enterprises. The whole county planed to determine “Ten projects” of “Thirteenth Five-Year” tourism in total, with total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. Our county focused on promoting ten boutique tourist projects, such as Tourist Development of Xiangqiao Landscapes, Protection and Development for Stone Forest Park and Zhongdu Ancient Town, Xiangqiao-Collision  to Create World Geopark, constructing National 5A-level tourist scenic spots in Zhongdu·Xiangqiao tourist area, etc., took tourist project and scenic spots as a start point to string beads and form a chain, and made the effort to build large pattern of panoramic tourism of “YoYo Luming, Luzhai beautifies a place”.      

  Singing a characteristic opera sonorously. Our county deeply excavated the characteristics of tourist resources, strived to develop new operational types of tourism, and cultivated the projects in boutique scenic spots. So far, there are 1 4A-level scenic spots, 4 3A-level scenic spots, 1 Chinese characteristic small town, 1 famous national historical and cultural town, 1 famous tourist town with national characteristic landscape, 1 national level land resource popular science base, 1 five-star rural tourist area, and 1 four-star rural tourist area in the whole county. Our county strived to cultivate local featured tourist commodity brands, Daleling organic tea, Huayu Huameida specials and the like achieved gold awards many times in all different levels in competitions, Luzhai honey orange has been selected as national protected products with geographical indication, Pingshan folk songs, Zhongdu harmonious family feast, and “Four major Chinese cuisines” were separately awarded autonomous region level and municipal level intangible cultural heritage.