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Luzhai Forestry Industrial Chain is in its Early Phase

Date: 2018-07-16 17:50:31            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on the site (correspondent Huang Liling) Many ordinary people are under the impression that timber processing in our county is just drying the original boards in the sun simply, or, at most, veneer is processed into hard board. At present, with the development of Guizhong Forestry Modern Industrial Park, the timber processing in our county is far more than these, which have accomplished the entire process from logs of eucalyptus to wood products, and the forestry chain has been initially formed. 

  In the supporting base of the industrial park——Jinyuan Wood Rotary-cut Base and You’an Wood Industry, you can see the entire process of rotary-cut veneer: from raw material selection-cutting off--rotary-cut-classify- patch-drying, and from logs of eucalyptus to veneer. Soon afterwards, as raw material of base material for timber floor, these veneers were transported to Dingtai Wood Industry, which adopts the most advanced equipment and technology to implement mechanized production, and to greatly improve production efficiency. The jointing machine can make 3000 panels per hour, while man only make approximately 70 panels, the mechanical production efficiency is 42.85 times than that of manual panels. After base materials of timber floor were transported to Xinjiale Wood Industry in the park, they were processed into beautiful ecological panel. Xiao San, the Chairman of the company, said proudly: “Xinjiale Wood Industry focuses on product design and development, and has implemented customization production. The yielding ecological panel can be directly used to make furniture. For models of products, there nothing we can’t do but you unexpected.       

  Core of Eucalyptus is regarded as the leftover that is left in the processing of rotary-cut veneer, while it is processed into block board in Honglian Wood Industry, which is used to make doors, beds, cupboards and other furniture.

  From rotary-cut base to Honglian Wood Industry is the process of the forestry industry changed from raw material to finished products qualitatively, it is here that one wood is well utilized. Now the core area of the park covera construction area of more than 800 mu. Infrastructures have basically accomplished, 10 enterprises settled here with more than 600 million yuan of total investment, of which 6 enterprises realized completion and commissioning, and their products included base material of wood floor, ecological panel, block board, timber door etc.   

   The rise of processing industry of Forestry products also brings the job opportunity to the surrounding residents. According to information, 6 enterprises which presently went to operation and its supporting rotary-cut base can offer approximately 600 employment post. The enterprises implement piece wage, which count on the basis of present wage, the staff monthly average salary is about 4500 yuan-5500 yuan, and the maximum of the salary realized 8900 yuan.The construction of the park led the construction in upstream and downstream area, which effectively improved regional economic growth and increased farmers’ income. According to statistics, in 2017 the forestry industry of the whole county has realized tax revenue of 15 million yuan, with year-on-year growth of 87.5%.

   From 2013 to 2018, Guizhong Modern Forestry High-tech Industry Park of Guangxi has gone through the five years of development, and has realized development from nothing. Luzhai forestry industry has gone through five years of transformation and upgrading, and it gradually upgrade from production in small workshops to enterprise. As the core of Luzhai forestry industrial development, Luzhai county will keep a foothold in current conditions in next step to continue to perfect the construction of infrastructure in the park, to improve the enterprises’ service level, to enhance domestics and foreign connection, to optimize business environment, and to extend industrial chain, making the forestry industry become the economic mainstay in the county area, to realize new surpassing in the industrial development.