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Our County Actively Guided the Development of Integration and Interaction between E-commerce and Agricultural Marketing ...

Date: 2018-08-16 08:39:07            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on the site (correspondents Gu Fanjun, Bai Jiangkeyi) In resent years, our county kept pace with the times, initiatively adapted the new normalcy of E-commerce, and actively guided the development of integration and interaction between E-commerce and agricultural marketing sales, making the E-commerce pattern of agricultural products form preliminarily.

  Huang Liqiong, the general manger of Luzhai Zhongniu Food Co., Ltd of Guangxi, has engaged in trade for many years. She sold clothes and ran a bar; however, with the prevailing of internet E-commerce, her business in the traditional industry was more and more depressed. In 2016, driven by demonstration on vigorously promoting E-commerce into villages in our county, Huang Liqiong focused her attention on E-commerce. Through selling agricultural products on the internet, Huang Liqiong could stay indoors to market dried beef which was made by herself, her sales performance was rising, the annual sales in 2017 realized more than 3 million yuan, of which only dried beef was almost 2 million yuan, making her successively win the honorary title of “Double eleven” daily sales champion of Luzhai E-commerce brands, the leader for entrepreneurship of Liuzhou City Top Ten Rural E-commerce etc.

  In our county, just like Huang Liqiong, there are still many people who have engaged in E-commerce from traditional industry. Luo Liqiao is one of Cunxiaoer E-commerce partners after our county introduced rural Taobao of Alibaba. In order to promote Luzhai high-quality agricultural products, she set up Guangxi Zhaimei Trade Co., Ltd in October 2017 with several partners, which make the sales reach more than 60 thousand in November, achieving a good beginning.

  It’s known as in order to cultivate the main body of E-commerce management and promote agricultural products, our county actively established comprehensive demonstration county of introducing E-commerce into countryside, perfected institutional construction, and strived to construct Luzhai County rural E-commerce service system through cooperate with Alibaba and other E-commerce operation platforms from the beginning of March 2016. Our county has built a county-level E-commerce public service center and logistics center, 8 townships E-commerce service stations and logistics stations, 108 village-level service stations and logistics station sites, preliminarily constructed rural E-commerce brand cultivation and quality assurance system, and completed rural E-commerce training system.

  In order to promote branding agricultural products in county territory, such as Luzhai honey orange, Luzhai honey tangerine, Luzhai high-quality grape and distinctive agricultural products E-business, since 2016, our county has actively carried out series of agricultural E-commerce brand cultivation activities such as “Luzhai honey orange brand promotion activities”, “Double eleven E-commerce brand day”, “Leading by party flag, Poverty alleviation by E-commerce, I endorse E-commerce fair and agricultural distinctive products promotion activities for my hometown”, which has effectively promote high-quality agricultural products in our county. In 2017, the rising of our county’s E-commerce agriculture realized the volume of trade of 526.058 thousand yuan, increased by 115.13%, which drove investment of 584.536 thousand yuan, leading poverty families in implementing internet sales of 38.698 thousand yuan. The amount of the management main body of E-commerce entrepreneurship reached 1213, increased by 38.62%.