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An enterprise of Our County Became a National Forestry Key Leading Enterprise

Date: 2018-08-22 15:37:52            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on the site (reporter Yang Jiqiang) Recently, National Forestry Bureau made public a name list of the third batch of 124 national forestry key leading enterprises, Liuzhou City Xiaoyuan Forestry Co., Ltd of Luzhai Town, Luzhai County was on the list of successful candidates. It is the second enterprise that won the rare honor again since Guangxi State-owned Huangmian Forestry Centre was awarded “The Second Batch of National Forestry Key Leading Enterprises” in 2016. 

  Liuzhou City Xiaoyuan Forestry Co.,Ltd was founded in May 2009 with registered capital of 35.25 million yuan, and mainly engages in breeding, planting and selling of Guanglin Cinnamomum camphora, gingko, dalbergia odorifera, white eaglewood, taxus chinensis and other rare tree seedings, tea-oil trees, rare camellias. In June 2009, the forestry department of autonomous region confirmed the company as the only stock breeding base of tea-oil trees and rare broad-leaved trees in Luzhai County and Liuzhou city, and classified it as the key enterprise of Liuzhou city newly-developing forestry industry. Since 2010, the company has successively been awarded the title of “The Fifth Batch of Leading Enterprises in Guangxi Modern Forestry”, “Key Leading Enterprise of Liuzhou City Agricultural Industrialization”, etc.

  In recent years, the company has invested 70 million yuan in establishing contiguous scale core zone with a coverage area of 3000 mu in Jiaotang Village and Xinsheng Village of Luzhai County, and establishing Xiaoyuan Camphor Tree Modern Characteristic Forestry Demonstration Zone of Luzhai County, Guangxi with a coverage area of 5000 mu for the development zone in Longkou Tun, Gudong Village, Daojiang Town. The core zone is divided into three zones - seeding breeding promotion zone, standardized plating zone and popular science zone in ecological forestry, at the same time, The core zone was perfected tourists reception center in demonstration zone, gates of scenic spots, parking lots, and road traffic in the park, water conservation facilities, tourism landscape facilities and other basic infrastructure for scientific and technical training and tourism service in camphorwood industry, the company strived to make the demonstration zone become modern characteristic forestry demonstration zone of autonomous region with perfect facilities, industrial cluster, technology integration, intensive farming, and organic combine with agriculture, tourism and culture. The company adopted the industrialization pattern of “Enterprise + Base + Peasant household/cooperatives + Scientific research institute” to gradually form the modern forestry industrial chain of “Cinnamomum camphora standardizing planting- Initial processing of products-Deep processing  of products-Comprehensive development of modern forestry industry-correlated industry extension”, which would promote mass production, standardization, branding, and modern development of Cinnamomum camphora planting industry in the demonstration zone, leading the demonstration zone to carry out characteristic industrialized operation, and promoting the development of Luzhai County modern forestry production and increasing and generating farmers’ income. In 2017, Xiaoyuan Camphor Tree modern characteristic forestry demonstration zone was awarded three-star demonstration zone in the autonomous region.

  As a national forestry key leading enterprise, Xiaoyuan Forestry Co., Ltd plays an important role in accelerating green development in our county and surrounding area and forestry modern construction, promoting transformation and upgrading in forestry industry, regional economic development and increasing farmers’ income and acquiring wealth. The enterprise who has won the title of national forestry key leading enterprise will get a series of policy supporting in the aspects of base construction, forestry utilization, forestry finance and financial insurance etc.