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A Thick Atmosphere of Yao Zhutongkou(Braised Meat in Bamboo Tube of Yao Minority) Is Easy To Feel As The Spring Festival...

Date: 2018-09-27 08:19:44            Source: 拉沟乡      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Here, high as mountains and long as rivers--one’s nobility lasts forever, ancient trees tower to the skies, abundant bamboo and lush forest; here, a place that forest coverage rate is the highest in Luzhai County, with national-level ecological public welfare forest of 180.9 thousand mu; here, wild fauna and flora all around, the folk repast with endless aftertaste. All of this is Lagou Township - a mysterious place of original ecological habitation of Yao compatriot. 

  Flavour is a miraculous thing. We always give off friendly signal for those familiar flavours, especially those flavours “in our childhood” or from “hometown”. The Spring Festival is coming, if relatives and friends hold a reunion after a long separation, they must express their feelings by eating meat with big bites and having a meal with a big bowl. 

  In Lagou Township, there is such an original ecological dish to express feeling - Axi Zhutongkou (braised meat in bamboo tube). Local pork, local seasoning, mountain spring water, mud stove, charcoal fire, wild bamboo, complete hand-made dish, each element makes up such a delicious food-- Axi Zhutongkou. 

  Zhutongkou accumulates local culture and custom, what’s more, it is growing popularity with health, green and original ecology among customs. Such an original ecological dish can be seen the intentions of the producer, because it’s an exquisite cuisine with fine aromatic bamboo surroundings, fat but not greasy.

  As for producer Lu Xiri, his ancestors are native of Lagou. Lu Xiri ran a restaurant in his early years, and he is a wonderful cook. Zhutongkou is delicious for it needs more than three hours to stew meticulously and slowly.

  Zhutongkou has the taste of hometown and childhood, it is such a taste that food material is uncomplicated, cooking is not boastful with local materials at will, but what you most want to have a good meal is just such flavor. Such “local” flavour not is full of custom but distinctive, making it feel as the “Spring Festival” approaches. (correspondent Zhang Qiuping)