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Luzhai Economic Development Zone: The “Engine”of Luzhai Industrial Development

Date: 2018-12-04 10:59:04            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

This is the first "zero-emission” coal-fired generating unit in Guangxi- the Cogeneration Project of Shenhua Guohua Liuzhou Generation Company. 

  Luzhai News on this Website  In recent years, under the high importance and correct guidance of the county party committee and the People’s Government of the county, the economic development zone conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Community Party of China, actively adapted to and grasp the new normalcy of the economic development, closely focused on  the strategy of "Strong county of industry", adhered to grasp the reform, promote innovation, improve service, constantly optimize the business environment of the park, and improve the service quality by means of four construction of industrial clusterization, industrial parks, the park circulation and clean production as the development ideas. In recent years, with remarkable improvement in the speed and efficiency of the economic development zone, the economic development zone has been fully affirmed by the superior departments. Since 2008, the economic development zone has been awarded the development prize of Liuzhou City Industrial Park for 10 consecutive years, of which it was awarded the second prize with total score in the second place in 2017 and was one of the national circulating transformation demonstration trial parks determined by (also the first county-level park in Guangxi in September 2013. The incubation base of small-medium sized high-tech enterprises has become the first autonomous region level of high-tech business incubator in the county area of Liuzhou city. In 2015, it was listed as integrated “Two modernizations” trial park of Guangxi industrial park, in June 2015, Tsinghua Zijing (Liuzhou) Technology Transform Center was affirmed as technology transform demonstration institute in autonomous region. Now the development of the park construction is reported as follows:

  Basic Overview

  Basic overview of the economic development zones. Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone was set up in October 1992 upon the approval of the people's government of the autonomous region, which is the first batch of one of 145 province-level development zone reserved in No. 74 announcement of the national development and reform commission in 2005 (only Luzhai Economic Development Zone, High-Tech Industrial Park and Yanghe Industrial Park have been approved in Liuzhou City), and it is also one of 23 development zones at autonomous regions level in Guangxi with the planning area of 17.07 hectares. In 2017, the extension area of the economic development zone approved by the people's government of the autonomous region reached 1282.51 hectares, including “One zone, Three Belts and Five Parks” led by Luzhai Economic Development Zone. "One Zone" refers to Guangxi Luzhai Economic Development Zone, "Three Belts" refers to Luluo Economic Belt, Dajiang-Jiangkou Economic Belt along the river, and the Economic Belt along Luzhai High-Speed Railway North Station, and "Five Parks" refers to Luzhai Industrial Park (1097.49 hectares), Luzhai Jiangkou Industrial Park (45.24 hectares), Guangxi Guizhong Modern Forestry High-tech Industry Park (29.41 hectares), Auto Parts and Fine Chemical Industrial Park (99.21 hectare) and Agrotechny Park (11.16 hectares). The zones will focus on the development of machinery and auto parts, wood products processing, new materials and other industries.

  Remarkable results in the industrial economic development of the parks 

   In the period of the 12th five-year plan, the industrial structure of the county was improving day by day, and it formed a "1353" industrial system. “1” refers to a pillar industry——chemical industry, which became the important chemical industry base of Guangxi with the output value of 2.407 billion yuan. “3” refers to three leading industry——auto parts, machinofacture and new materials, the three industry has created a miracle of “Growing out of nothing and expanding from small to large” with the output value of 650 million yuan. “5” refers to five superior industries——building materials, silk, timber processing, papermaking and sugaring, the five superior industry is the half of the country for supporting Luzhai industry with 7.31 billion yuan. “3” refers to three potential industries——new energy, agrotechny and biotechnology, among them, new energy and biotechnology have became strategic emerging industries cultivated in our county with an output value of 1.48 billion yuan. In the 13th five-year plan, Luzhai County took "Scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, project supporting and all-round development" as the general thinking of the county economic development, speeded up the pace of upgrading and development of traditional industries, took the initiative to undertake industrial transfer in Liuzhou City and the eastern region, played an active role in the advantages of new materials and new technologies gathered by the platform of Tsinghua Zijing (Liuzhou) Technology Transfer Center, made good use of the advantages of woods and centralized heating resources and implement key investment attraction through focusing on machinery and auto parts, wood processing and new materials, speeded up a number of major projects such as Liugong core casting and so on which are large in scale and have good benefits, realized the completion of a number of industrial projects, such as seven-color pearlescent effect materials, Wanchao electric appliance and Baiying paper industry and so on. Now the industrial structure of the park has been constantly optimized, and an industrial system led by three industries of developing machinery and auto parts, wood processing and new materials has been gradually formed. Up to now, there are 118 enterprises that have settled in the park, among therm, 82 enterprises have gone into operation, 36 enterprises have been under construction, there are 50 above design-sized enterprises accounting for 72% of 69 above design-sized enterprises of the county, 33 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, 12 high-tech enterprises, 4 foreign-funded enterprises (Xuanke, Dechi, Fucheng, Xinyurongkai) and 2 listed companies of new tertiary board (Seven Color and Jintai).

  In 2017, the economic zone completed the total industrial output value of 16.598 billion yuan, with an year-on-year growth of 15.50%, including completed the total output value of the above design-sized industries of 16.335 billion yuan, with an year-on-year growth of 15.50%, which accounts for the proportion of the total output value of the above design-sized industries of the county of 91.63% and Completed fiscal taxes of 170 million yuan with an year-on-year growth of 25.46%, accounting for 18% of the county's tax revenue (930 million yuan). From January to April of 2018, the economic development zone has completed the total industrial output value of 5.047 billion yuan with an year-on-year growth of 9.69% (under the influence of Luzhai industrialization reform system, it completed output value of 124 million yuan from January to April of 2017, while it completed 66 million yuan in the corresponding period of 2018), of which it completed total output value of above design-sized industries of 4.971 billion yuan with an year-on-year growth of 9.1% and completed fiscal levy of 90 million yuan, with an year-on-year growth of 102%.

  In terms of machinery and auto parts: accepting the industry radiation of Guangxi Automobile Mart, occupying the regional advantages and platform advantage, focusing on the development of auto parts and machinofacture industries. The auto parts manufacturing base has been built, auto parts and machinery processing industrial parks are under construction, auto parts and construction and fine industrial park are planning to build, which promoted auto parts industry cluster for implementing the supporting project of automobile mart, and build modern auto parts industrial parks. Now the parks has 41 machinery and auto parts enterprises such as Liugong casting, Jindongfang, Wanchao electric appliance, etc, among which 25 enterprises have been put into operation and 20 above-design sized enterprises. In 2017, the output value of the park realized 2.938 billion yuan, with an year-on-year growth of 38.75% and accounting for 17.70% of the total output value of the park.

  In terms of timber processing: each year the quantity of the available forest resources is up to 4 million cubic meters in the radius of 100 km in the county. Our county jointly built one of Guangxi top ten key forestry industries-Guizhong Modern Forestry High-tech Industrial Park with the forestry department of the autonomous region. The park focus on developing forestry deep-processing industry with base materials of the wood floor, and it will be constructed as a multifunctional park with production, processing, warehouse, logistics, forest products trade and exhibition. There are 74 timber processing enterprises that have been pout into operation in the county, 16 above design-sized enterprises. In 2017, the total output value of the design-sized industries is 2.508 billion yuan, with an year-on-year growth of 103.25% .

   In terms of new materials: each of the five products has became the first project in the whole region, such as seven-color pearlescent effect materials, special coated paper, phosphogypsum recycling and so on have been put into operation in our county. Introducing the nanometer grade talcum powder project under construction breaks the trade monopoly of the related industries in foreign countries and fills in gaps in domestic high-end market. Introducing modified graphene EPS project and modified graphene EPP project under construction is the first industrialized application project of graphene industry in Guangxi. Our county has successfully cooperated with Wen Shizhu academician team of Tsinghua University in the preparation of industrialized graphene powder and the project of high-end graphene lubricating oil and grease, which will strongly promote graphene to realize the industrialized application in Guangxi. Now there are 11 new materials enterprises and 6 enterprises that have been put into operation in the park, which completed the output value of 1.379 billion yuan, accounting for 8.3% of the total output value of the park, with a year-on-year increased by 31.69%.

  Scientific and technological innovation leads scientific development

  (1) Adhering to promote comprehensive strength through innovation-driven. At present, 33 enterprises with a total asset of 100 million yuan such as Guisheng cocoon silk, Shenhua Guohua have been founded in the economic development zone. 12 national high and new tech enterprises such as seven-color pearlescent, Wanchao have 1 autonomous region-level scientific and technological incubator (Luzhai county incubation base of small and medium-sized scientific and technological entrepreneurship), 1 autonomous region-level technology transfer center (Tsinghua Zijing Liuzhou Technology Transfer Center), 1 municipal engineering and technological research center (Liuzhou Pearlescent Effect Materials Engineering and Technology Research Center), 1 municipal Zhongchuang work space ( Yigao Luzhai shared work Space).


   (2) Effectively increasing the vitality of development through “Politics, production, learning, research and innovation”. Under the guidance of general thinking of scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, project support and all-round development, the economic development zone focus on declaring high-tech development zone of autonomous region, made remarkable achievements in integrated construction of “politics, production, learning, research and innovation” (namely the government should play a leading role. Enterprises should play the main role of innovation in the industry; Universities and research institutes are a mainstream of knowledge innovation, talent cultivation and technology research and development. And Innovative platforms should play a leading role in innovation and entrepreneurship), among which the highlights are: First, actively introducing Tsinghua Zijing (Liuzhou) Technology Transfer Center to settle in Luzhai; Second, actively introducing Guangxi Yunting Zijing Modified Graphene EPS project into Luzhai; Third, actively introducing Yigao Group to set up Yigao Luzhai shared entrepreneurship Space; Fourth, The People's Government of Luzhai County successfully signed an agreement with Chongqing Institute of Green And Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences to build Liuzhou Industrial Design Engineering Center, Chongqing Institute Of Green And Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences. At present, the economic development zone has formed an entrepreneurial and technological incubation service system, covering the financial cluster area, Zhongchuang entrepreneurship space, entrepreneurship incubator, and technology transfer center in Luzhai economic development zone.

   (3) New progress has been made in emerging industries represented by graphene. Luzhai County has successfully held China (Guangxi) Graphene Innovative Achievement Exchange Exhibition from 10th to 11th of November 2017. In 2017, In view of the advantage of market manpower, transportation, location, graphene industry cluster and other factors for the development of graphene new material industry in Luzhai County, site selection of the graphene industrial base was located in Luzhai county economic development zone. The total investment of graphene new materials industrial base is 1.4 billion yuan with an area coverage of 2000 mu. Phase I is located in incubation base of Luzhai County small and medium-sized scientific and technological entrepreneurship, with an area coverage of about 500 mu, Phase II is located in fine chemical engineering and auto parts industrial park with an area coverage of about 1500 mu. The project of Guangxi Liuzhou (Luzhai) Graphene New Material Industry Base has been included in Liuzhou City Graphene Industrialization Development Plan. Now there are five graphene projects (Guangxi Yunting Zijing Graphene Modified EPS Products, Graphene Preparation Program, Liuzhou Qinglu Graphene Lubricating Oil and Grease Production Line project, Bofan’s annual output of 4000 tons of graphene modified EPE project, Guangdong Wei Linna graphene modified EPP, graphene modified plastics project) settled in our county. In 2017, the total output value of above design-sized industries of strategic emerging industries in the county reached 2.7 billion yuan, increasinng by 71%, accounting for 15% of the total output value of above design-sized industries of the county, increasing by 31.26 percentage points