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Making Luzhai More Beautiful And Livable

Our county devoted greater effort in perfecting urban infrastructure and beautifying the county envi...

Date: 2019-01-11 08:58:08            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on the site (Reporter Deng Dongyan) “Luzhai is so beautiful, it is not like a small county town, but like a city, and a little bit like Miniature Hong Kong!”, this is the evaluation of our county given by many leaders who present for Luzhai inspection and guidance within or outside the region, and the tourists who travelling in Luzhai. 

  Walking along the southern part of the county, the road is wide, clean and tidy, red flowers and green trees on both sides of the roads make people stay in parks. Administrative Square Park, Huiyilian Fragrans Park, Jinlu plaza Park and Luzhai Mountain Park embellish Luzhai with more green and more beautiful, bird’s twitter and fragrance of flowers, delighted people, present full of vigour and the people live with pleased. At night, the bright neon lights make Luzhai more bright and beautiful, it’s very pleasant to walk or run along the quiet city footpath at night and breath fresh air, which make many people feel that though Luzhai is small, Luzhai is a place suitable for long-term living.

  In urban construction management, our county’s target is to create Liuzhou City’s back garden. Over the years, through unremitting efforts, urban construction and management become more and more perfect and the county town environment become more and more beautiful. By the end of 2017, the county town greening rate of 33.21%, greening coverage rate of 38.49%, per capita green area of the park is 11.34 square meter. All of these have already meet with the national gardening county town’s standards. In 2013 our county was the only one been awarded the honor of “National Gardening County Town” named by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, and got a first in “Jinhu Cup” competition of 2016 urban management objectives responsibility system. These hard-won honors are the best proof. 

  In order to protect each awarded honor, our county made Luzhai more beautiful and livable, let the common people in Luzhai enjoy more beautiful environment, continue to strengthen the construction of urban road infrastructure this year, further perfect urban road construction. Meanwhile, our county improved the urban greening and beautification, to make Luzhai more green and more beautiful.

  In urban greening and beautification, our county rebuilt and upgraded greening in many roads, greenbelts and parks from the beginning of April to the Middle ten days of May of this year. In order to make things convenient for the residents to travel, leisure and entertain in the park, our county renovate the place where show soil for green plants destroyed by nature or mankind, replant the green plants which are more tolerant of shade condition, and according to the actual situation, add pedestrian trails through the green plants. Meanwhile, our county replanted a batch of flowers and trees to make our county upgrade greening and beautification, let urban greening and beautification more diversified, beautiful and charming. According to the statistics, in 2018 our county invest more than 1.3 million yuan on planting more than 100 trees of Chinese redbud, sweet osmanthus nakai, ginkgo in the county town roads of Minsheng Road, Guangchang Road, Yuanding Road etc, after-replacement area of more than 6 thousand square meter with shrubs of Rhododendron oldhamii, Schefflera odorata, iris, aichiaka etc in Administrative Square, Guihua Garden, Jinlu Plaza and Greenbelt in Street triangle, sodding with an coverage of more than 4500 square meter of Axonopus compressus, laying Blue Flagstone on the park road over 300 meters. That lay a solid foundation for our county to accept the re-examination of "National Garden County Town" this year, and provide a comfortable and beautiful environment for the citizens of our county.

  In completing the construction of urban road infrastructure, our county found a good result after they attempted to replace general water permeable brick with sponge brick for urban sidewalk construction, now they decide to laying sponge brick with large area on parts of sidewalk which in south of our county. This year, our county expected to invest 4.28 million yuan to complete upgrading and rebuilding the road infrastructure with total length of 1701 meter, coverage area of 15708 square meters, raising the level of urban construction, make it more convenient for people to travel, and make Luzhai more beautiful and livable.

  At present, like a raging fire, the construction of laying sponge brick on sidewalk is in full swing, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the people. The County Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction express that they are working overtime. And there will be more convenient for the people after the rebuilding construction completed, please the citizen understand the inconvenience of current construction, and together with us to make a contribution to building more beautiful and livable Luzhai.