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“Love of Hawthorn” of Luzhai Has Been Awarded National AAA-Grade Scenic Spot

Date: 2019-01-16 16:46:18            Source: 鹿寨县      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

Tourists Center of “Love of Hawthorn”

  Recently, the quality rank evaluation committee of Liuzhou scenic spots issued a notice that “Love of Hawthorn” scenic spot of Luzhai was officially approved as National AAA-Grade Scenic Spots. 

  “Love of Hawthorn” scenic spot of Luzhai are located in large hawthorn modern agricultural (core) demonstration zone, Longmu Tun, Changdong Village, Daojiang Town, Luzhai County, Liuzhou City. Relying on the natural beauty of lakes and mountains of Longmu reservoir, the scenic spot is divided into hawthorn flowers (fruits) core area, water platform experience area, Chinese rose flower sea viewing area, Guzhang “Homesickness” Area, etc. covering an area of 167 hectares.

The scenic spot’s gate of “Love of Hawthorn”

  According to information, combining the development of large hawthorn characteristic industry and pro-poor tourism, Daojiang Township is striving to build rural tourism brand of “Love of Hawthorn” with the theme of “Viewing thousand acres of hawthorn flower sea, and tasting characteristic hawthorn feast.” In recent years, Daojiang Township has energetically integrated funds at all levels, constantly improved the infrastructure of the scenic spots, improved the quality of tourism resources, and showed the potential of tourism development.

Assessment team of AAA- Grade scenic spot is checking the work of creating 3A of love of hawthorn.

  “Love of Hawthorn” of Luzhai has been awarded as AAA-grade scenic spots, which formed a good foundation for improving the tourism brand of “Love of Hawthorn”, and helping to add "Soft power" to the next step of making rural tourism bigger and stronger. (correspondent Li Huangying)