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The First Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber of Our County is Officially Opened Today !

Date: 2019-01-25 16:49:23            Source: 我爱鹿寨微信公众号      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  On January 18, the first large comprehensive hyperbaric oxygen chamber of our county was put into use in the county’s hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Before that, there was no large hyperbaric oxygen chamber for adults in Luzhai.

  The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is China Hongyuan export-oriented new type (flat-bottom structure) hyperbaric oxygen chamber with 18 chambers. The number needed to treat: 18 persons, including 14-person therapy chamber and 4-person transition chamber. Per capita chambe capacity is no less than 3 m2, and it is currently relatively advanced hyperbaric oxygen treatment equipment. According to the new information from the author, this hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the first of the five counties in Liuzhou and are very few counties owned in Guangxi, and even some municipal top three hospitals do not have this equipment. So what on earth is such high-end large advanced equipment used for?

  Hyperbaric oxygen is a safe, efficient, non-traumatic and non-painful treatment technology. It has been used in clinical practice for 30 years in China, and has a definite curative effect on carbon monoxide poisoning and other ischemic and hypoxic diseases.

  Especially since entering the winter, due to sealed indoor doors and windows, burning charcoal for heating or using gas to heat water for a long time and other reasons, every year there are thousands of people in Liuzhou City going to the hospital because of the carbon monoxide poisoning. Most of them appeared dizziness, headache, vomiting, even coma etc, part of the patients wake up after coma by themselves with delayed encephalopathy so as to result in sharp deterioration or appearing neurological sequelae. Each year the killed by the carbon monoxide poisoning are not in the minority, the specified entire hyperbaric oxygen treatment can greatly relieve the clinical symptoms after carbon monoxide poisoning and reduce the incidence of delayed encephalopathy.

  In the past, there was no hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the county, and the wardmates only could run to Liuzhou for treatment. Using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber filled in historic gaps in hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Luzhai county, which   make the wardmates who needs to hyperbaric oxygen therapy don't have to ceaselessly come and go between Liuzhou City and Luzhai County, making the patients with local carbon monoxide poisoning, cerebrovascular disease, diabetic foot and the like get more timely and high quality treatment and providing a more effective treatments means for ischemia and hypoxic diseases for better to protect our county people's health!