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Graphene Townlet Is On the Rise

The construction of five of the eight contracted projects has made steady progress

Date: 2019-01-31 16:54:19            Source: 柳州日报      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Daily News (correspondent Yang Jiqiang) the walls of Xiaozhai Village Primary School under construction in Xiaozhai Village, Longji Town, Longsheng County, Guilin City, the standard workshop of Luzhai Economic Development Zone and the pension and health care facilities project of Luzhai County Xiangqiao Scenic Area were all built with Graphene EPS hollow cavity module, which are the new Graphene EPS building materials that were produced by the demonstration base of Luzhai County Graphene Industry Application and applied in the three construction projects, marking a solid step for Luzhai county to build a graphene townlet.

  Relying on the advantages of our city’s steel, engineering machinery, automobile and equipment manufacturing and other industries and combining graphene downstream industry chain, Luzhai County Graphene Innovation and Entrepreneurship Townlet, covering an area of 2000 mu, takes Dongxu group as the construction body and regards Tsinghua Zijing (Liuzhou) Technology Transfer Center and China Graphene Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance as support units, sets up graphene industry development and guidance fund, focuses on the construction of graphene vehicle application research institute, graphene industrial park. Phase 1 was set up 500 million yuan, emphatically introducing and cultivating key enterprises of graphene industry, actively tackling key problems of promoting the  key technologies industrialization, and continuing to build and improving the graphene industry development service platform, furthering accelerate the construction of graphene industry application demonstration base, and promoting the large-scale, high-end and clustering development of graphene industry, and building a graphene town in Guangxi.

  In recent years, Luzhai County has organized several teams to investigate the State Key Laboratory of Tribology of Tsinghua University and Changzhou Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, and conducted relevant surveys in Foshan and other places, so as to settle the graphene industry project in Luzhai as soon as possible and seize the opportunities of development.

  In order to build a good graphene innovation and entrepreneurship townlet, Luzhai County has made great efforts to optimize the business environment and provided all-round services for enterprises. For some of the smaller graphene enterprises, the government solved practical problems through the construction of standard workshops building in terms of land acquisition, better boostered the enterprises that are in the incubation period by the cooperation of government, banks and enterprises, angel funding, find partners, interest subsidies  from government and the like in the aspect of corporate financing, made the enterprises join in the struggle without any burdens as far as possible and developed fast and firm, making products form new industry.

  Eight projects have been signed in Luzhai County, and currently the construction of five projects is making steady progress: The project of Guangxi Yunting Zijing Graphene Application Technology Co., LTD annually output 2,000 tons of modified graphene EPS products was put into production in 2017, and the products have been used in construction projects in Luzhai County and Longsheng County. Registration and completion of the main building of the workshop of Graphene preparation project, the equipment debugging has been completed; Liuzhou Qinglu graphene lubricating oil, lubricating grease and graphene powder production line project, whose products have been tested by SGMW; annually output 4000 tons of Bofan graphene modified foamed polyethylene project has completed the construction of the main part of the workshop and is in the process of equipment installation. Guangdong Weilinna graphene modified EPP and graphene modified plastics have obtained orders from SGMW.