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Having New Year's Eve Family Dinner in Preliminary Eve

Date: 2019-02-01 16:27:47            Source: 鹿寨县信息办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Unconsciously, Chinese New Year is coming next week!

  At this moment you are still at work like me? Or have returned to your warm home? Or wander alone in a foreign land and miss your family…

  On January 28, the small village in Pingshan was all decorated with lanterns and festoons, bright red lanterns were hung around the house. Many people from the village who are struggling in other places have also came back early, and what are they doing? 

  It is the dinner of preliminary eve at Budi of Pingshan~!

  As for this village, we have introduced it last year: Major news!!! Which village do you think is the most beautiful in Luzhai County? Come and vote.

  Today let’s see what else special places in this little village on earth.

  Budi Tun was founded in late Ming and early Qing dynasties with a history of nearly 400 years. It is known as "Bu(rampart) Di (the village at the bottom of the fortress)" due to the original military fortress at the top of the mountain behind the village. There are still many well-preserved ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties in the village, including several alleys with blue slabstone like the picture shows.

  Authentic original large black bricks are very rare in Luzhai.

  Strolling along the village, you can randomly move to an alley with a sense of time travel.

  The host told us that the old house was at least two hundred years old and was still inhabited.

  Look at this well. It's not an exaggeration to say that it's a hundred years old.

  The fish tank and manger were carved from the whole building stones, they are also old fashioned articles.

  Original stone column foot stall is even rarer in Luzhai.

  There is also a house in the village dedicated to collecting old objects from the past, and the villagers hope to build a small museum in the future.

  Can you name what this use for?

  It is not difficult to imagine how heroic the village was in those days from the two old preserved house components.

  Follow the stone steps to the top of the mountain.

  The industrious villagers get the mountain like a park. They said they would sing folk songs on the mountain on March 3rd this year

  Write family rules neatly.

  Since ancient times, Budi Tun has attached great importance to culture and family education. It has strict family rules and family instructions, and strict requirements for clansmen. Therefore, clansmen follow the rules and regulations and pay attention to etiquette, diligent and studious, the village’s cultural deposits is extremely rich. Since the village was founded, large numbers of outstanding people and lots of scholar have come forward, and it is the well-known old civilization village.

  According to the incomplete records of Wu family pedigree, there were 2 successful candidates in the highest imperial exam, 2 annual tribute students, 2 successful candidates in the imperial exam at the provincial level, 16 state students (imperial college students) and 14 tribute students in this village during the Qing dynasty. The Wu clansman once served as the officers leading troops in Yongning state, magistrate, Wuqi junior officers, military instructors, discipline teachers, Sima of the state, Xuande minister, ministry councillor, Xiuzhi minister and other important positions. And according to statistics, since the establishment of new China, there are more than 90 villagers from Budi Tun work outside, among them, 15 people are on the position of bureau-level or above of China sciences, at present there are more than 60 on-the-job cadres and workers, which is rarely appeared in other natural villages.

  This year, under the initiative of the village, the villagers decided to hold an activity of having dinner in preliminary eve, which was to celebrate the New Year and renewed family affection. The elders set an example for the younger generation, and the younger generations learnt from the elderly and paid their respects to the elderly.

  After knowing this information, the people at Budi who struggle outside hurried back early, cleaned up, decorated the site, and some offered free Spring Festival couplet for countryman.

  This spring festival couplet’s writing skills have solid foundation.

  Meal is ready! Delicious foods were served like running water.

  Cheer up!

  That's all for having dinner in preliminary eve at Budi Tun. Do you have such activities in your village? If any, you can contribute to the author to share your happiness together.