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Our County Strived To Eliminate “Pain Spot” And “Blindness” For Optimizing Business Environment

Date: 2019-02-20 10:45:21            Source: 鹿寨县政管办      Name:[ Big Middle Small ]

  Luzhai News on the site (Correspondent Li Donghua and Wen Chuanfu) Guided by serving enterprises and the demands of the people's livelihood, our county strives to eliminate "Pain spot" and "blindness", actively optimizes the business environment, fully stimulates market vitality, improves the endogenous power of economic development, and further raises the sense of gain of market subjects and the masses.

  Striving to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and eliminating the "Pain spot" of the system. In order to solve the fundamental problems of "Accept in both sides", "Extracorporeal circulation" etc and simplify the links of the administrative examination and approval and in accordance with the unified deployment of comprehensive deepen reform of the municipal party committee and the county party committee, our county has strived to make preparations for establishing administrative examination and approval bureau and implemented the reform trial work of examination and approval by one seal since April. The county government administrative office took the lead to draft the Scheme of Reform Trial Implement on Luzhai County Examination And Approval by One Seal, establishing the mode of enterprises "One window" service, the way of examination and approval for the "Integration" of enterprise’s investment projects, and the mechanism of "a coordinated process" in handling the government investment projects for investment promotion, service convenience, large reduction of the time of examination and approval and concluding the mater of investment, large improvement of the service level and efficiency. Our county optimizes the government environment to realize a window circulation, a seal concluding examination and approval, and “More certificates-in-one” and “One number for on business license” in enterprise registration. Our county planed to take preparations for setting up working group in June, spared no effort to advance the establishment work, worked hard for external operation in the end of 2018, and improved the government administrative efficiency and the level of public services, so as to make the government administration meet the requirements of the market and the masses.  

  Striving to improve the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval, and eliminating "Pain spot" of the services. In order to solve the problem of inefficiencies of services, our county has implemented a number of measures, and actively improved the efficiency of administrative examination and approval. Firstly, holding meeting of working in harmony for improving the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval. In April, Ma Yaozhou, the member of the standing committee of the county party committee and the deputy county director, hold the meeting, organized the key frontline department of the government affairs service center, reported the administrative efficiency of our county in the first quarter of 2017 and 2018, comprehensively strengthened electronic supervision, requested the key frontline department in accordance with the working mechanism of "Accept in one window, interior circulation, coordinated transaction, comprehensive examination and approval, and completed in limit time", unified dispatching and management by the government administrative office, shortened more 50% above of the legal time limit on various matters, further optimized service process, simplified service link, requested the inefficiency of the key frontline department to rectify in place within 1 month. Secondly, doing a good job in the reform of "Running at most once ". According to the requirements of “It is principles on running at most once and many times are the exception" for the enterprises and the masses handling affairs in the government, to sort out the matter of “Running at most once” list of our county departments. At present there are a total of 18 “ Running at most once” in the county, a total of 3 "zero run errands", our county strived to realize “ Running at most once” on 70% of the matters of administrative power and the public service before the end of 2018. Thirdly, introducing positive-incentive and negative punishment mechanism. Our county created a thick atmosphere of "Catch up with the competition, create the first to compete for the best". Through the department sturdily carried out such establishment activities as "Service star" and "Red flag window" and the like to conduct various propaganda and create optimized environment atmosphere for investment. Meanwhile, using the methods of patrolling the government affairs hall six times a day, patrolling dividing hall once a week, and setting up complaint room etc., finding the problem and checking complaints results as cadres annual appraisal content, the person who is reported about once (including) above will be disqualified from the excellent appraisal, and monthly mentioned someone out by name on The County Government Affairs Service Operational Aspect Bulletin. Fourthly, improving the public service capacity. Listing public service items such as water, electricity, banking and the like into the window of handy service for the public, introducing 12348 public legal aid centers into the government affairs service center, and providing the masses with mediation, placement assistance, legal aid and other intimate services.

  Strengthening the openness of government affairs and break away from the "Blindness" of information. Our county constantly deepens the openness of government affairs, strengthens the openness and transparency of government information, facilitates the masses to access information, and fully safeguards the masses' rights to know, participate, express and supervise. Firstly, perfecting the factors of handling affairs online. Our county fully made the competent authority of the government department, the list of administrative undertaking charge and the directory of public service items public through government website. It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily set or exercise authority outside the list. Our county comprehensively investigated the internet government service platform, and comprehensively checked the comprehensiveness of the factors, accuracy of contents, clarity of process, definition of materials, practicability of attachments, completeness of pattern, and availability of consultation and complaint of the government affairs service items. If any problem is found, it will be corrected immediately and none of blind side will be left. Secondly, actively taking advantage of new media to improve the WeChat platform of government affairs. Our county will instantly push guidance on matters related to government affairs services, handy services for the public and the like by WeChat platform, so that the masses can inquire and handle certification matters through mobile tools such as mobile phones to achieve government affairs service at their fingertips.

  Making innovations in managing trading services for public resource and eliminating “Blindness” in supervision. Our county actively innovated and accelerated the reform of public resources trading system, integrated the existing trading market, invested 1 million yuan to promote transformation and upgrading of the trading floor, invested 5 million yuan in informatization transform of public resources trading, and promoted the construction of public resources trading business management system, basic information construction of computer room and multimedia information construction. Our county implemented electronization in the whole process of public resources trading, comprehensively optimized services, strengthened supervision so as to take precautions against the black case work, bid rigging and so on, maintained good public resources trading market order. At present, all of the informatization construction projects are advancing in an orderly way, and will be scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

  The business environment is an important indicator that shows the degree of openness of emancipation of the productive forces and directly reflects its comprehensive competitiveness. Our county will not forget the original intention, constantly improve the ability of serving for enterprises and the masses, and strive to create a first-class county-level and friendly-business good government environment in the whole region.